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Redeem code FF 7M Follower, exchange now Hurry!

Redemption Codes from 7M Followers – Sharing the redemption code to celebrate the rise in social media followers is something Free Fire social media accounts often do.

As of now, various official Free Fire social media accounts have millions of followers.

The official Instagram account of FF Indonesia @freefirebgid has already reached 7 million followers.

Redeem code FF 7M Follower
Redeem Free Fire Code 7M followers

Usually the FFBGID account offers a free redemption code every time they receive a milestone to increase the number of followers.

With freefirebgid’s Instagram followers reaching 7 million, what redemption code can you exchange? This article will tell you how to redeem the FF 7M Follower Code and what prizes you can get.

Redeem code FF 7M Follower

This @freeifrebgid Instagram account currently has 7 million followers. Although it already has 7 million Instagram followers, this FFBGID Instagram account did not provide a redemption code as a thank you for reaching 7 million followers.

The manager of this freefirebgid may still be preparing the FF redemption code to remember the achievement of 7 million followers.

So first you have to be patient until the official Instagram account @freefirebgid announces the 7M Follower redemption code that you can exchange.

There are so many Free Fire players out there reminding the freefirebgid admin to instantly upload the redemption code for 7 million Free Fire Instagram followers.

The hope is that the redemption code comes out quickly and FF players can get the prizes they want.

Latest code to redeem Free Fire April 2021

Even if the 7M redemption code hasn’t come out yet, there is still a reminder redemption code of 6.5 million followers from the @freefirebgid Instagram account that you can use.

If you have not redeemed the redemption code for the 6.5 million Free Fire followers, you can redeem it immediately.

The latest redemption code from @freeifrebgid to use is FF65HAZ2KG3H. For now, only the celebration code can be used for the 6.5 million FFBGID followers.

Hopefully the freeifrebgid admin can upload the Free Fire redemption code soon to celebrate 7 million Instagram followers.

How to redeem the FF 7M follower code

Most Free Fire players should already know how to exchange redemption codes. If you are a new gamer who doesn’t know how to exchange FF redemption code, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Go to the Free Fire code redemption website at
  2. Sign in directly with your FF account already connected to Facebook, Google, VK or other social media.
  3. Enter the latest FFBGID redemption code for April 2021 which is FF65HAZ2KG3H.
  4. You can immediately hit the Redeem button and the FF rewards page will check whether the redemption code is still available or has expired.
  5. If the redemption code is found to have been used successfully, a notification will appear and the redemption price will go straight to your Free Fire account.

Hopefully, Free Fire Indonesia will soon release the redemption code for 7 million followers so that you can instantly get great prizes by exchanging the redemption code. That’s all we can say, hopefully this article on FF 7M redemption code is useful

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