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Recommended build items for Layla Mobile Legends

When you see the hero of Layla Mobile Legends, you certainly do not believe that this beautiful hero has great power but is easy to use. For those of you new to Mobile Legends who want to learn how to deal with marksmen, there is nothing wrong with giving this hero a try.

Of course, when using Layla you also have to get to know the build items. In this article, we’re going to discuss the build of Mobile Legends Guide items, which of course is easy to follow. Always keep in mind that the builds discussed below are subject to change due to patches.

What you do remember is that you can change the recommendations below based on your own play or play style needs. Use the following build as a base and modify it if necessary. Now let’s take a look at the recommendations for Layla’s build items:

Demon Hunter’s Sword

The core item that you need to complete immediately when using Layla is the Demon Hunter’s Sword. This item gives Layla the ability to take out a tank hero target with a large HP capacity. Additionally, the damage Lyla inflicts while using this item has a life-robbing effect.

Another thing that makes this item good for archer heroes like Layla is the extra physical damage and extra attack speed that hits 25%. This bonus is sure to make Layla’s base attack damage more dangerous.

Fast boots

Fast boots

To ensure that Lyla’s damage stays large, you need to wear quick boots. This shoe item not only grants movement speed but also attack speed which helps with damage.

Berserker’s anger

Berserk anger

Just like building archer heroes in general, Layla can also be obtained critical items like Berserker’s Fury. This item is a quick pickup option. Of course, other critical items like Scarlet Phantom can also be another option.

What Berserker’s Fury does better than items like Scarlet Phantom is the added passive effect of critical damage. Since Layla’s attack speed is already high, this hero doesn’t need too much additional Critical Chance, but rather cares more about critical damage for higher DPS.

Windspeaker or Scarlet Phantom

To create a critical chance out of Berserker’s Fury, you can use Windtalker, which gives splash damage and movement speed, or Scarlet Phantom, which increases your critical ability to be more frequent.

Endless battle or blade of desperation

Blade of Despair Mobile Legends

For late game damage, you can choose Endless Battle or Blade of Despair items. Of course, you can buy all of these two items for maximum strength, but usually you can win the match before these two items are done as your Layla is ready and can kill enemies more easily.

So much for discussing Layla’s build items. Hopefully this information can help you play better in Mobile Legends. For example, if you want to better explore Layla’s heroes on the Mobile Legends wiki, here are some tips and tricks on how to use this hero. If you want more in-depth tutorials, YouTube can also be a good source of information.

Thanks for reading and have fun practicing with the recommended builds above!

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