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Rebuild Xborg The Strongest and Strongest

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
As always, I’ll give you more info on Mobile Legends heroes this time around. Today I am giving Build Hero Xborg Mobile Legend.

Xborg is a fighter hero who has a fairly high durability and is equipped with Firaga armor that can take all damage for Xborg as long as the armor is active. With the protection of Firaga armor, Xborg has incredible durability. In addition, xborg has the ultimate ability that can cause very high damage. This powerful ability is suitable for team fighting. High damage can inflict a devastating blow on the enemy. In order to take advantage of this xborg hero, the right items are needed to maximize the benefits of this xborg hero. Here I am giving tips on building xborg to become an all-powerful hero folks. Here’s the Strongest and strongest Xborg build, check it out !.

Warrior boots
The first item in this Xborg build are warrior boots. This item is an armor shoe that can increase Xborg’s physical defense and movement speed. Shoes that add armor can of course further toughen up against enemy physical attacks, yes. In this fight against the opposing team, xborg is expected to last longer.

Bloodlust ax
The second item in this Xborg build is Bloodlust Ax. This item is a physical item that can inflict additional damage on the opponent. In addition, this item also features spell vampire or items that can regenerate HP based on skill damage. The item is therefore suitable for use by xborg, as this xborg is a hero who can continuously inflict damage so that he can regenerate HP and also damage opponents.

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The third item in this Xborg build has immortality. Why buy immortality at all? The reason for this is that when Xborg uses his ultimate, not only does he deal great damage, but it can also cut his HP armor in half so that it can be easily eliminated by the enemy. Therefore I recommend buying immortality items at the beginning, because for the defense of Xborg so that he is not so easily eliminated after using his ultimate ability and if Xborg is eliminated it can be brought back to life and has HP armor again, although it is a little. This item must therefore be used by xborg, because with this item you can level up again after a defeat and this item can also offer additional HP and physical defense.

Queen’s wing
The fourth item in this Xborg build is Queen’s Wings. This item is a defense item that can reduce damage taken. This item can also offer physical attack, extra HP, and cooldown reduction. In addition, the item also has a passive ability when HP is below 40%. He can increase the physical lifesteal for 5 seconds so Xborg can still survive, folks. With this item, xborg becomes a hero who is not easy to defeat.

Blade of Despair

The fifth item in this Xborg build is a Desperate Blade. This item is a physical item that can add physical attack drastically, people. With this item, xborg can inflict high physical damage on the opponent. This allows xborg to easily eliminate the opponent. If Xborg encounters an opponent whose HP is low, this item increases additional physical attacks on Xborg, so that this Xborg can be feared by the opponents in the game.

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Brute frozen breastplate
The final item in this Xborg build is the Brute Froce Breastplate. Item is a defense item that can provide additional HP and also physical defense for Xborg. In addition, when xborg uses abilities or simple attacks, this item can increase movement speed and increase physical and magical defense. So with this item, Xborg can have high defense.

This is the latest build from Xborg, the Strongest and strongest

xborg article

This is the recommended item that xborg heroes use for them to do great damage and also have high defense.
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