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Rebuild Cecilion BTR Renbo injured New

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Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I’ll be giving Build Cecilion BTR Renbo Strong in Mobile Legends.

Build Cecilion BTR Renbo injured

Cecilion is a hero mage who specializes in high damage poke chest damage. Cecilion has ability 1 that can order a giant bat to attack in a specific direction along the path. After landing, the bat attacks again and causes damage again. Meanwhile, Cecilion’s movement speed will increase when this skill is used. In addition, Cecilion has Skill 2 that can cause a strong crowd control effect. When combined with Skill 1, Cecilion can do tremendous damage with the right combination of skills. Cecilion also has the ultimate ability to shoot blood energy at nearby enemies, dealing damage and slowing them down while restoring his own HP. Although Cecilion has extraordinary damaging abilities, it needs the right items that can aid this Cecilion hero’s abilities. Here is the new build Cecilion BTR Renbo Strong in Mobile Legend. Look at that.

The following items are Hero Cecilion’s Embrace of the Night.

Demon shoes
The first item in the Cecilion BTR Renbo Build is a Demon Shoe item. This item is a shoe that can restore mana. So this item is very suitable for the hero Cecilion, who always does damage by using skills so as not to run out of mana. For those of you who want to use Hero Cecilion, you will have to use this demon shoe item.

Clock of fate
The second item in the Cecilion BTR Renbo Build has an Item Clock of Fate. This item is a magical item that can be used by Cecilion that can deal magical damage, HP, or mana. Items can also add HP and Magical Attacks, which can be stacked up to 10 times and gain additional Magical Attacks and Mana. With this item you can inflict maximum damage on your opponent.

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Lightning stick
The third item in the Cecilion BTR Renbo Build is Lightning Truncheon. This item is a very good magical damage item that is used by Cecilion. With this item, Cecilion can generate additional DPS when he successfully uses your skills to damage enemies, the damage can ricochet off. On top of that, this item offers additional mana and cooldown reductions, making it really suitable for this Cecilion hero.

Divine glaive
The fourth item in the Cecilion BTR Renbo Build is an item from Divine Glaive. This item must be used by Cecilion as not only can it add magical power, but it also provides magical penetration. When Cecilion’s HP is greater than 70%, this item activates a unique effect that can deal additional damage that is sure to aid Cecilion’s heroes’ abilities. With this item, Cecilion inflicts significant damage on the enemy. With the help of this item, Cecilion can cause great damage.

Holy crystal
The fifth item in the Cecilion BTR Renbo Build is a Sacred Crystal Item. This item is a magical item with high power, namely Holy Crystal. This item can increase the damage significantly and also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Cecilion, who can do a lot of damage to the enemy.

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Dominance ice
The final item in the Cecilion BTR Renbo Build is the Dominance Ice item. This item is a defense item that can provide mana, physical defense and also movement speed. In addition, this item can also reduce the movement and attack speed of the closest enemy hero. With this item, Cecilion can help the team weaken the opponent’s hero so that it can easily eliminate the opponent. This item must be used as a support by Cecilion as it can increase defense while reducing the enemy’s movement and attack speed.

This is the Build Hero Cecilion ala BTR Renbo Strong

Article cecilion BTR Renbo Strong

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