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Quick Ways to Get Free Battle Points in Mobile Legends | Games – One of the best ways to get heroes in Mobile Legends is to buy them with Battle Points (BP). In addition, this BP can also be used to upgrade the emblem level by purchasing Magic Dust or emblem fragments.

However, collecting Battle Points requires a lot of patience. Because to collect 32,000 BP we need at least a month. This way we can only buy one hero each month.

But if you know the trick, you can quickly collect Battle Points without having to use diamonds. How? Check out his review below.

1. Open the box carefully

The first way to collect Battle Points is to carefully open the chest. You can open the blue box (free chest) every 4 hours. The gold box (medal chest) can now be opened every 24 hours and is reset at 8 p.m.

Both boxes can only be stacked up to 2 times. So if you don’t open the blue box for 24 hours, the box will only open 2 times. So there’s nothing wrong with logging into Mobile Legends every 7-8 hours, folks, just to fill the box.

The amount of BP from the blue box can be around 40-100 BP while in the gold box it is around 300-1000 BP. In addition to BP, there are also a few tickets, emblems, and fragments in the box. So it is also good to raise the emblem of the gang.

2. Use the double BP card

Before doing this, you need to know that we get a maximum of 7,500 BP per week. So you need to use the Double BP Card correctly. Don’t rush to use the double BP card just to get the BP bonus.

For example, you can collect up to 9000 BP in a week. Your automation loses 1500 BP as the maternity allowance is only 7500. Therefore, do not rush to use the Double BP Card.

In addition to a BP bonus, if you win, the Double BP card also increases our weekly BP limit up to 9,000. So if you use a Double BP card after your BP is stuck at 7500, that’s Your next win in Classic or Ranked mode increases your BP to 7750. and so on up to a maximum of 9000.

So you should use the Double BP Card after your weekly BP stays at 7500.

Oh yeah gang, you need to know the type of BP card too. There are currently 3 types of Double BP Card, namely:

  • Double BP 1 day: 2x BP bonus for 1 day
  • Double BP 3 days: 2x BP bonus for 3 days
  • Win BP card 1x: 2x BP bonus when we win a game
  • Victory BP Card 4x: 2x BP bonus for the next 4x victories

My advice folks, you shouldn’t use the Victory BP Card in brawl mode. Because your BP income is very low in this mode. We recommend using this BP card for Classic or Ranked mode for maximum results.

In the meantime, if you have Double BP, consider using it in VS AI (Brawl) mode. The playing time in this mode is less than 5 minutes. So you can collect a lot of BP during the day by playing in this mode. In contrast to the classic or ranked mode, the game of which takes a long time.

You also need to know that the BP limit is reset every week on Monday at 8 p.m. So, pay attention to how much BP you got that week. If it approaches 8 p.m. Monday and your BP / week is still far from 7500, consider keeping the BP card for the following week.

3. Claim daily rewards

You can also get BP by claiming daily rewards on a daily basis. You need to complete the quest listed there and claim BP. You can see the quests that you need to complete as follows.

  • Game login
  • Complete 1 game
  • Complete 2 games
  • Complete 1 match in Brawl Mode
  • Win 1 game
  • Win 2 games
  • Win 3 games in ranked mode
  • Get 25 kills or assists
  • Destroy 4 enemy turrets
  • Kill Lord / Turtle 3 times
  • Share the results of the game 1 time
  • Watch live stream 1 time
  • Complete 2 games with friends
  • Win 1 match with friends in Classic / Ranked mode
  • Complete 2 matches with group members.
  • Upgrade the emblem set to level 1 times
  • Use 400 BP today (shouldn’t be used)
  • Use at least 1 ticket today
  • Use 1 diamond today.
  • Subscribe to Starlight Member

Earning Daily Activity up to 130 points can earn you up to 230 BP. Earn 500 BP every week when your Daily Activity hits 800 points.

4. Good credit score

Previously, I said yes if the max BP you can earn in a week is 7,500 BP. However, if your Credis Score is greater than 100, you can get a maximum BP of up to 8500 BP in a week. In addition, you will receive an additional 10% BP with every competition.

So try to play games like AFK, Feeder etc. Because the credit score affects the accumulation of Battle Points. If you want to get extra Max BP, try increasing your credit score to 110.

5. Open successes

There are many achievements that you can earn while playing Mobile Legends. You can also get even more BP from here. What’s even more interesting is that with this achievement you not only get a large BP, but also a Fragment, Magic Dust or Emblem award.

6. Spin the game of chance

Actually, you need ‘luck’ if you want to play BP through Lucky Spin. But actually you don’t lose because you get emblems, skin fragments, magic dust and skins or heroes.

To play Lucky Spin you need to have a lot of tickets. Because one round is worth 20 tickets. But your chances of getting BP are greater than skins or heroes.

7. Sell useless items

When there is a specific event, we usually have to complete the quest. Then we get items and when the number of items has reached a certain limit, they can be exchanged for skins or heroes.

But many players have leftover items that are unused or no longer have an exchange. Instead of just being stored in inventory, sell it and you will get BP. Even if it’s not big, it’s okay if you save.

8. Use the test skin card

If you have a test card hero or skin in your inventory, just use it. Because if you already have the skin or hero, the trial hero and skin will be converted to BP. If the test skin is an Epic skin, the BP you get will also be high.

9. Check the venue

Check the event hall often because who knows you will get extra BP. Usually you will have to complete certain quests in order to receive the rewards. The quest is not difficult either, most of them play with friends or share the results of the match.

10. Check your inbox often

Most beginners are really reluctant to open their inbox. Aside from the little box in the right corner, the information isn’t important either. When I first played, I never thought so either.

But after further exploring, this inbox also gives us vital info like the latest happenings, nerfs, and hero buffs. We also get free BP pricing from Moonton. If you see the Claim All button, just try clicking the button. Who knows, you’ll get a prize, gang ^^

11. Raise the rank as high as possible

Your rank is reset every season (3 months). At the time of research, we are now also receiving prices, namely free BP, tickets and skins. In order to receive a large BP reward, you must at least finish the season at Legend rank. At the end of the season, you will receive 2000 BP. Big, right, gang?

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Here are some tips and tricks on how to get Battle Points quickly and for free in Mobile Legends. Do you have any other tips? Share your thoughts in the comments column. Many Thanks.

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