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PUBG Turf House: Complete missions on the Livik adventure map

PUBG Mobile Turf House – Did you like the Livik card available exclusively on PUBG Mobile? If so, then you must have visited the interesting places in Livik such as waterfalls and hot springs.

The Nordic style worn by Map Livik makes this map look beautiful and very special, which is not inferior to its predecessor maps. Although the map area of ​​Livik itself is only 2 km by 2 km.

Since it is not too wide, Livik can only accommodate 52 players. Because of this, the game that takes place on the Livik map can be completed in around 15 minutes.

PUBG Mobile Lawn House
PUBG Mobile Lawn House

In this article we will talk about the peat house in the Livik map.

We will also discuss the mission in PUBG via Turf House. Read this article carefully so you can learn more about the PUBG Turf House.

Peat house in PUBG Mobile

Turf House or Turf House is actually a traditional house from Iceland. The hallmark of this peat house is the presence of grass covering the surface of this house. The grass is installed to drive away the cold in the Iceland area.

There are also several peat houses in the Livik Map. The peat house in PUBG Mobile is also the same shape as the original house. Turf’s house is flanked by a stone fence with a grass-filled roof.

Complete the Turf House mission in PUBG Mobile

To celebrate the arrival of Map Livik, PUBG Mobile hosted a Livik Adventure Mission or Livik Adventure. There are several missions that you have to complete in Livik Adventure, one of which is the mission to enter a total of 10 different peat houses.

The road to completing this Torfhaus mission is not difficult either. All you have to do is enter the 10 different peat houses on the Livik map. You can find this peat house in the Gronhus area.

Before entering the peat house, make sure there are no enemies in the house. Don’t forget to watch out for enemy sniffers who may also enter the peat house to complete the mission.

How to complete the Turf House mission in PUBG. We hope that by the time this article completes the Turf House mission you are no longer confused. Good luck!

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