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PUBG Mobile No recoil sensitivity, that's how it works!

PUBG Mobile no recoil sensitivity – Sensitivity is one of the most important things in online gaming. Lately, there are so many types of battle royale themed online games that have sensitivity settings that are highly sought after by gamers, like Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, and the last one is PUBG Mobile.

These sensitivity settings will help you enjoy the game more easily when hunting down enemies.

One game that requires sensitivity adjustments is PUBG Mobile. To be a winner you need to have pretty good skills and also sensitivity that will make it easy for you to target the enemy.

pubg mobile no recoil sensitivity
pubg mobile no recoil sensitivity

There are 2 ways to change the sensitivity settings in this PUBG Mobile game and both of them require you to go to the settings menu.

This time we are going to discuss how to adjust the sensitivity of PUBG Mobile No Recoil. Surely friends who like this game are looking for ways to adjust the sensitivity in this game from Tencent.

PUBG Mobile settings for recoil sensitivity

  1. The first way you can enter through the lobby and see it is a gear icon or settings that you can choose. The second option allows you to enter the human ting when the game started by selecting the same gear icon as well.
  2. After successfully entering the settings menu, you will be able to see and select the sensitivity options. Then you can set all the sensitivities in the game in this one menu.
  3. In the sensitivity menu you will see 4 options that can be used to adjust the overall sensitivity of the game. First, you can go on top of the whole thing and select Adjust, where you can adjust the speed.
  4. After you have set the camera sensitivity or the free look area, you can choose the 3rd person camera (TPP) to 95%, 117% camera, 80 FPP camera.
  5. After that you can go down, namely the camera. This camera setting is very important as it will affect whether or not you are using a gun. No leeway for 3rd person TPP 90%, no 1st person so 105%, red laser 41%, binoculars with target 2x 31%, binoculars with target 3x 26%, binoculars with target 4x 17%. Binocular viewfinder 6x 14%, binocular viewfinder 8x 11%.

Using this sensitivity setting will make it easier for you to get a pretty exciting game as it also makes aiming at enemies easier.

But usually this sensitivity setting can be adjusted for player comfort.

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