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PUBG Mobile drink recipes, here is the full list!

PUBG Mobile Drink Recipes – This time PUBG is hosting another very unique and interesting event, namely the Oasis Fresh Event. At this Oasis Fresh Event you can mix drinks from the items received.

If the drink you made appears to match the existing recipe, the recipe will open. There are a total of 64 drink recipes that you need to open in this Oasis Fresh event.

The more drink recipes you can collect, the more prizes you can get.

PUBG Mobile drink recipes
PUBG Mobile drink recipes

Curious about the Oasis Fresh Event and which drink recipes can you try? Read this article to learn more about this Oasis Fresh event.

Oasis Fresh PUBG event

If you manage to collect at least 34 drink recipes from this Oasis Fresh event, you will be able to receive all of the prizes.

The prizes that you can get at this event include SKS skins, pilot jackets, classic chest coupons, storage boxes, 300 AG and also a pair of glasses (rose).

There are several elements or ingredients that you can use to create a drink recipe. The ingredients are Syrup (Syrup), Bitters (Esens), Sour Juice (Jus Asam), Chili Sauce (Spicy Sauce) and Ice (Ice Cubes).

You can get these materials by completing games in Classic Mode. If you want to get more materials you will have to play on the Livik map. Ada only gets ice cubes in particular in the Cheer Park.

There are different combinations of ingredients that you can try to unlock the recipe. Different types of preparation, namely a quick shake or a slow shake, can also produce different recipes.

PUBG Mobile drink recipes: Fresh oasis

Below are some PUBG Oasis Fresh drink recipes for you to try:

  • Sakura: syrup + syrup + syrup, shake gently.
  • Nojito: Syrup + Sour Juice + Sour Juice, shake quickly.
  • Blue shoe: sour juice + sour juice + sour juice, shake quickly.
  • Chickenpolitan: Sour Juice + Sour Juice + Sour Juice, shake gently.
  • Expired juice: Spicy Sauce + Essence + Spicy Sauce, shake quickly.
  • Motor oil: Hot Sauce + Essence + Essence + Quick Shake.
  • Hidden in the bushes: Sour Juice + Sour Juice + Essence, shake quickly.
  • Sweet and Sour Kola: essence + essence + syrup, shake gently.
  • Curry Honey Glop: syrup + hot sauce + syrup, shake quickly.

This Oasis Fresh event will take place from July 18, 2021 to July 27, 2021. In order for you to be able to complete all existing recipes, you must pay close attention to the composition of your ingredients.

Do not have the same composition made that leads to the same recipe.

That’s all for the article on PUBG drink recipes at this Oasis Fresh event. Hopefully this article can help you finish the Oasis Fresh event faster. Good luck!

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