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Play World War Z for free, here is how to get it

play world war z free – Epic Games has just added World War Z to the list of games that you can enjoy for free on its platform. Not just World War Z, actually, as there are other games like Figment and Tormentor x Punisher that can also be downloaded for free.

You can enjoy this game until April 2nd. In addition, there will be a limited update that will bring crossplay functionality to Xbox One users as well as PC PVE mode.

So this feature is used for PC users to be able to play with Xbox One and PlayStation players. Don’t worry, World War Z is also available in the Xbox Games Pass, which gives you access to hundreds of games.

World War Z Free
World War Z Free

The developers of World War Z have added new missions and Horde modes in which players can take part in the crossplay feature. But unfortunately, crossplay is not yet available for PlayStation 4.

How to download World War Z for free

Since its release on the Epic Games Store, World War Z has sold 700,000 titles in the first week.

Also, now that the game is free, the game is of course becoming even more popular with its fans. If you would like to claim this free game on the Epic Games Store, you can follow these steps.

  1. The first step is to try the Halaman Epic Games store page. to open
  2. Then log in and you will be returned to the main page of the Epic Games Store.
  3. Try scrolling down until you find Free games ??.
  4. Choose the free game you want to download by writing ?? Free now ??
  5. When you have entered the page, press the button. ??Receive?? at the bottom right of the screen and a checkout box will appear.
  6. click ??To order?? and will be processed immediately.
  7. When the text appears ??Thank you for purchasing?? then the process is complete and you can play the game through Epic Games Launcher.

How to download World War Z game for free from Epic Games Launcher. This allows you to play games that can be enjoyed for free. Hurry up because time is pretty limited.

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