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Play the Guild Race Web Event FF and get the prize!

Guild Race Event ff – On May 4th, 2021 Free Fire started its newest event again, the Guild Race Event. This guild race event will run until May 14, 2021.

In the guild race event itself, there are two missions that you can complete, namely guild missions and personal missions (milestones). In this guild mission, your guild has to compete with other guilds in order to become the best guild in Indonesia.

For those of you who are not a member of the guild, you can still collect points and other attractive prizes on personal missions.

How to play in the guild race web event FF

To play in the Free Fire Web Event Guild Race, you must first go to the Events page. After that, you can go to the Messages menu> then select Guild Races. In the guild race menu you will find a visit button at the bottom, press the button.

After pressing the visit button, you will be taken to the main menu of the guild race event. To complete guild missions, make sure your guild leader has registered a guild for the event by entering your mobile phone number.

In this case, you will need to play ranked mode (except CS rank) to get points.

You get points for getting 1 kill with a price of 10 points and 1 booyah with a price of 50 points. The points you receive cannot be entered after playing as it takes 1-24 hours for the points to be recorded.

Guild race web event FF
Guild race web event FF

In this guild mission, the individual points that you receive from ranked games are added to the points of other guild members. The points you add become your guild points.

Guild Event Rewards for Guild Race Missions

If you manage to win the top 1 best guilds in Indonesia, you can get 6 legendary weapon skins.

All guild members without exception receive these six weapon skins for free. The six weapon skins are FAMAS Metallic, MP4D Bloody Gold, M4A1 Wild Carnival, AK47 Water Balloon, M1D14 Winterlands and also UMP Pumpkin Flame.

If you only make it to rank 2 to 10,000 guilds, then you can get 1 of the 6 permanent weapon skins.

Private missions in guild race events

If you are playing without a guild (private mission), you can still collect points in the same way. You still get 10 points if you get 1 kill and 50 if you get 1 booyah.

You can redeem the points you receive in the guild race menu> Home> and then press the milestone button. By exchanging points, you can get great prizes like Redlip Bandanas (red masks), Gold Royale vouchers, Robo boxes and more.

This is how you have to participate in the Free Fire 2021 guild race event Becoming the best guild is not easy, but you still have to try to be the best.

Play with guild members as much as possible so that your guild can be rated as the best guild in Indonesia.

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