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Pharsa Mobile Legends skill analysis after the revision | Games – Pharsa is a pretty annoying hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. His ultimate has a very large range and a short cooldown, so he can continue to spam this skill during the game.

But the weakness of this Pharsa is that it has no crowd control ability. He only focuses on the damage from Skill 2 and its Ultimate. This makes Pharsa less attractive in the last few seasons.

Finally, as the developer of the Mobile Legends game, Moonton made a revision of the Pharsa skill (rework). The total overhaul occurred in his passive abilities, which also affected his active abilities.

Below are some of the changes made to the Pharsa Mobile Legends skill after the update.

Passive skills: Spiritual unity

Pharsa’s passive skill has been completely redesigned. The current passive is if the skill is removed twice, it strengthens the next Pharsa skill.

So Pharsas Passive is stacked 2 times. After that, the skills exhibited by Pharsa will be increased in terms of both damage and others.

To determine if this passive skill is active or not, you can see the bird picture above the HP regeneration icon. Then the skill icon also changed.

Skill 1: Wing by wing

Skill 1 Pharsa now has active and passive skills.

Its passive ability is that Pharsa’s pet bird deals 150 (+ 80% total magical power) as additional magical damage every 5 seconds and has an effect. dragging by 60% to the target when Pharsa did basic attacks.

As for the active skill, Pharsa turns into a bird and flies anywhere for 5 seconds. This skill ends when affected by crowd control. So this active skill is the same as before,

If skill 1 is replaced by his passive skill (Spiritual unity), then the flight speed of the bird increases to 90%.

Skill 2: Energy influence

The second skill is still the same as before, where Pharsa releases magical energy and deals 350-550 (+ 160% total magical power) as magical damage to the enemy.

When skill 2 is enhanced by passive skills, damage 0 increases to 455-715 (+ 208% total magic power) as magic damage for the opponent and has an effect Immobilized To them for 1.5 seconds. WOWWW !!

Ultimate Skills: Feathered air raid

Skill 3 Pharsa has always been very annoying, gangs, in the past it was tooforbidden from Moonton in Brawal mode.

For this 3 Pharsa skill, it’s still the same as before, where he blows up and deals 600 magical damage (+ 60% total magical power) for the next 8 seconds.

When this ultimate skill is enhanced by passive skills, it gives 780 (+ 208% total magical power) and immobilize 1 second to them.

However, the current 3 Pharsa skill can only shoot as much on Air Red as 3 times Course. This is different from the past where he can spend Air Red while the skill break is still active.


Pharsa’s passive ability after the overhaul makes it worthy of being reused in the current meta gang. Because the passive skill not only increases the damage, but also gives Pharsa excellent CC skills.

In fact, the third skill can now only be used 3 times, but damageit’s improved. And if they are supported with passive skills, these three skills can also have an immobilization effect, which is of course very helpful.

This is Pharsa’s ability analysis after the revision. What do you think gang Is Pharsa worthy of the meta this season?

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