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New Zhask Strong building in 2021

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Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I’m going to be giving Build Zhask Strong in Mobile Legends.

New Zhask Strong building in 2021

Zhask is a hero mage who specializes in pursuit damage, which deals high damage and is quite difficult to use. Zhask has Ability 1 that can summon Nightmaric Spawn in a predetermined location, dealing magic damage and slowing effect on the target. In addition, Zhask also has Ability 2, which can fire a penetrating mental missile in the specified direction and inflict magical damage on the enemy it hits. Zhask also has Ability 3, which can send out a series of nightmarish cloners in the specified direction, dealing magical damage to the enemy and reducing their movement speed. And Zhask also has an ultimate ability that can dramatically increase Nightmaric Spawn’s power and joining him will increase all of his attributes and other abilities for the duration of the Fusion, with this ability Zhask can become a high damage mage. Although Zhask has extraordinary abilities, it takes the right items to maximize its abilities. Here I am giving New Build Zhask Tersakit, Check this out.

The following items are Hero Zhask Planes Dominator.

Demon shoes
The first item in Build Zhask contains items for demon shoes. This item is a shoe that can restore mana. So this item is very good for Zhask heroes who always do damage by using skills so they don’t run out of mana. Well, for those of you using Hero Zhask, you have to use this Demon Shoe item.

Feather of heaven
The second item in Build Zhask is the Feather of Heaven item. This item is an item that, along with attack speed, can add magical power. This is how Zhask Skills can spam quickly, because items provide additional attack speed and of course also magical power. The item also deals additional normal attack damage to Zhask as an additional magical attack. So this item is suitable for Zhask as it can maximize Zhask’s damage skills.

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Holy crystal
The third item in Build Zhask is a Holy Crystal Item. This item is a high power magical item that can significantly increase damage and can also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for zhask who can do a lot of damage to the enemy guys !.

Fleeting time
The fourth item in Build Zhask is an item of fleeting time. Items are magical items that can do additional magical damage and a reduction in cooldown time. Additionally, this item can also provide an instant reduction in cooldown after being eliminated or assisted. So this item needs to be used by Zhask in order for the cooldown of Zhask’s ultimate to be fast so that it can be reused.

Divine glaive
The fifth item in Build Zhask is a Divine Glaive item. This item must be used by Zhask as not only can it add magical power, but it also provides magical penetration. When Zhask’s HP is greater than 70%, this item activates a unique effect that can deal additional damage that is sure to aid Zhask’s heroes’ abilities. With this item, Zhask deals significant damage to the enemy. With the help of this item, Zhask can do a lot of damage.

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Winter club
The final item in Build Zhask is the Winter Club item. Items are magical items that can provide extra magical power, physical defense, and extra HP. In addition, items can also freeze when in use. When Zhask activates this freezing effect, Zhask cannot do anything, but it gains an immune effect against all damage and weakening. So that this item can help Zhask when he uses a combo skill incorrectly or wants to be kidnapped, you can press this item so that no damage can enter, so that it is not eliminated.

Here is the worst Zhask build in 2021

New article Zhask Strong 2021

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