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New skin, that's how you get it

SG Parrot FF – Currently, SG 2 is becoming a meta in the Free Fire game. By chance, Free Fire will present the old skin from SG 2, namely Skin Tropical Parrot.

If you are looking to purchase the M1887 Tropical Parrot, you must read this article.

This M1887 Tropical Parrot Skin is indeed wanted by a lot of gamers as this skin is one of the old skins that is pretty cool.

Latest SG 2 Parrot FF Skin Skin

From March 12, 2021 you can already take part in the Completion Gacha Event to receive SG Parrot FF.

SG Parrot Free Fire Event

If you want to receive SG Parrot Free Fire, you can attend the Completion Gacha event.

The Completion Gacha event will open on Friday, March 12th, 2021 from 10 a.m. to be precise. And the Completion Gacha event ends on March 18, 2021.

In this Gacha Completion Event, you can get M1887 Tropical Carrot Skin by taking a spin.

For this you need to prepare diamonds so that you can spin in the Completion Gacha event. Below are the prizes you can get at the Completion Gacha event:

  • M1887 Tropical Parrot FF
  • M1014 Underground Howl Loot Crate
  • Incubator Royale Voucher
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Gun Royale Voucher

How do I get m1887 Tropical Parrot ff

All you have to do is do gacha to get the SG Tropical Parrot FF skin. To spin, you can attend the Completion Gacha event.

Then press the 1 Spin or 5 Spin button to start Gacha in this Gacha Finishing Event.

To make 1 spin you need to spend 20 diamonds. In the meantime, those of you who do 5 spins at a time only have to spend 80 diamonds.

Take a lap in this Completion Gacha until you get the M1887 Tropical Parrot Skin.

Leaked newest SG 2 FF skin

There are still no leaks about the latest SG 2 skin in the Free Fire game. So far, Free Fire has only re-released the old SG 2 skin, namely the SG Parrot Skin at the Completion Gacha Event.

Hopefully Free Fire can release the latest SG2 FF skin right away in the future.

Please follow the tutorial on how to get the SG Parrot Skin we conveyed above if you are interested in getting that old SG 2 skin.

For statistics, this SG Tropical Parrot Skin can add 1 damage point, add 1 accuracy point and reduce 1 range point.

That’s all we can say about the SG 2 Parrot FF skin. Hopefully what we said about the M1887 Tropical Parrot can be useful to you and other Free Fire players.

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