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New hero Beatrix sniper the most complicated with 16 skills, fanny passes !!!

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I’m going to discuss the skills of new hero Beatrix Hero Marksman who has 16 of the most complicated skills in Mobile Legends.

New heroine Beatrix

In this update, Mobile has optimized Legend Lane in the game to offer a new experience. Among them is the new hero “Beatrix”, a marksman who has many skills and is difficult to use. Beatrix has 4 weapons, namely Renner, Bennett, Wesker and Nibiru. Each of these weapons has 4 skills, so the total skill of the Beatrix hero is 16 skills. Before this hero is present on the original server, I am going to explain the skills of this Beatrix hero so that when this hero is present you can learn how to use these Beatrix hero skills.

The following is an explanation of Beatrix’s ability “The Dawnbreak Soldier”.

Beatrix’s passive ability “Mecha Genius”

Her mechanical talent enables Beatrix to create weapons with extraordinary powers. Renner can eliminate enemies from afar, Bennett can bomb an area, Wesker can deal damage at close range, and Nibiru is unmatched for rate of fire. Beatrix can use any of these four weapons in combat and also carries a second weapon on her back.

  • Renner (Automatic Attack): Aim and fire Renner to fire a bullet that deals high damage.
  • Bennett (Basic Attack): Fires a bullet at a specific location to slow it down and damage enemies within range.
  • Wesker (basic attack): Fires a bullet forward that can hit the same target multiple times.
  • Nibiru (basic attack): Fires 4 bullets at the target.

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Skill 1 “Coordination”

  • Beatrix replaced her main weapon with a second weapon that was on her back and gained a new type of attack.

Skill 2 “Tactical Repositioning”

  • Beatrix ran in the intended direction and loaded her weapon to the brim.

Ultimate Skill “Renner’s Apathy”

  • Beatrix calmly uses Renner on the battlefield and fires a shot at the target that inflicts high physical damage on the first hero hit.

Ultimate “Bennett’s Rage”

  • Beatrix concentrated her anger and used Bennett to bomb the designated area 5 times. Each explosion slows the target and deals physical damage to enemies hit. (This damage is reduced if the same target is hit multiple times).

Ultimate “Weskers high spirits”

  • Beatrix picks up Wesker and fires a forward shot that deals physical damage to enemies hit.

Ultimate “Nibiru Passion”

  • Beatrix pulls the trigger on Nibiru to greet approaching enemies with 6 shots from Nibiru, dealing physical damage with each hit.

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“Need assistance” skill

  • After she finished the fight, Beatrix called her maid Morgan to bring her the gun chest. Beatrix must choose two weapons from the chest to be her main weapon and her second weapon. His weapon selection is stopped if he takes an action for this duration or is affected by crowd control.

What do you think? Have to buy? Will Beatrix ‘New Hero hit the meta this season? We just have to wait, guys.

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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