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New code to redeem Epic Treasures 2021, request now!

Epic Treasure Redeem Code 2021: New Gift Code – A new generation of Idle Games is ready to join you. You can make the choice of the epic treasure game.

This game from KBH is one of the top RPG game recommendations out there. KBH is a game developer from Vietnam.

This game is pretty easy when played. Games that are 41MB in size certainly don’t reduce your storage space much.

The Latest Epic Treasure 2021 Redeem Code Today
Latest epic treasure redemption code today

Games that rely on the strength of this team are the main attraction of this RPG game.

Also, the hero in this game is very interesting. Fans of this game can also be identified pretty well by the number of downloads that reaches more than 1 million times.

Play this game and win great prizes while strengthening your team.

In addition, there will be many redemption codes for this game. Here you can see the latest collection of epic treasure codes.

Redemption code for epic treasures: Latest Epic Gift Code 2021

To receive attractive game prizes that you can redeem in this game. Of course, you need a code to redeem.

From this redemption you will receive many attractive prizes such as experience points, free gold and other interesting characters.

SEXYFOXY010: From this redemption code you will receive x500 Diamonds, x5500 Transformation Potion, x3 East Blue Chest, x10 Arena Ticket, x10 Chip New gift code that you can use.

SIRUPVILLAGE30K From this redemption code you can have 1500 Diamonds, 10 Chips, 2000 Hero Promotion Tokens, 50 Large Pirate Shards, 10 East Blue Chests. This redemption code is new and you can use it until June 6, 2021.

SANJINW20K 2000 diamond, X2 72-hour purchase chest, 72-hour hero XP chest, 10 superchips, 2000 hero promotion stone The new redemption code will expire later on May 27, 2021.

FREE COMPLAINT Receive 5 gallons of bears and others as a gift from this redemption code

EPICSCHATZ and LEGENDARY You can use this redemption code and receive a permanent reward. This redemption code has no expiration limit.

Redeem Epic treasure code

After you have received the redemption code, you can redeem it immediately. For those of you who don’t know the steps, here are steps.

  1. First open cool event
  2. Select barter gifts from the cool event menu
  3. Enter the redemption code.
  4. Click Redeem

You can open the prices in the mailbox. So this is the latest collection of epic treasure codes for 2021 and how to redeem them. Hopefully it’s useful

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