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New character Genshin Impact, Choose Ganyu or Wait patiently for Xiao

Genshin Impact characters – Xiao and Ganyu. (miHoYo) – Genshin Impact will surely get a new character with every update. Lastly, Ganyu will be present as announced, as Albedo was revealed yesterday in the v1.2 update.

Ganyu himself featured in Liyue’s story, the character of a beautiful girl who stole the player’s attention. Likewise Xiao, who also appeared at the end of the story.

However, miHoYo will certainly present Ganyu first for players to get. In fact, a teaser video for new character Genshin Impact has even been revealed, revealing a bit of the story.

Ganyu himself will be a character with an arrow weapon and will use the cryo element. At first I thought it would look like Amber but have cryo elements but it doesn’t.

In the video presentation of Genshin Impact’s character with Albedo first, however, Ganyu’s abilities can be seen. What turned out to be the potential to become DPS and support Cryo.

Genshin Impact Character - Ganyu.  (miHoYo)
Genshin Impact Character – Ganyu. (miHoYo)

As for Xiao, miHoYo didn’t reveal much. However, this Genshin Impact character has been played by a number of closed beta players including a closed test server.

Xiao is a character with a spear weapon and uses the anemo or wind element. And it is predicted that it will be a reliable DPS game, especially because of the skills focused on producing DMG.

According to Honey Hunter World’s database, Xiao will get additional stats at the CRIT rate as you keep climbing. While Ganyu receives an addition to CRIT DMG.

Visually, these two new characters immediately caught the attention of fans. Ganyu appears as a beautiful horned girl, while Xiao is a mysterious and handsome young man.

Then, is it better to spend the primogem on the ganyu gacha that is about to be unveiled, or is it better to save and wait for the unknown Xiao when it arrives?

Genshin Impact Character - Xiao.  (miHoYo)
Genshin Impact Character – Xiao. (miHoYo)

Of course, if ganyu is your waifu, there is no need to postpone gacha. Immediately take it when the Genshin Impact character banner miHoYo opens and bring it to the highest constellation.

Or if you need a cryo character to generate a reaction element, especially to aid DPS, the presence of Ganyu helps Pryo a lot compared to Kaeya and Qiqi.

However, if you already have high levels of sucrose to back up or want to play more DPS, skipping the Ganyu banner is no problem. Including those of you who prefer to play hammering.

If you are the type of gamer who likes to hit fast and are still looking for DPS games, it is better to save the Primogem to get that Xiao who has no clarity about the news.

But for those of you who are Primogems, of course, it’s no problem just tossing it out when the banner of every Genshin Impact character miHoYo is opened. Both Xiao and Ganyu are interesting characters with great potential.

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