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New Carmilla Mobile Legends hero wallpaper

Carmilla new hero background | Games – Carmilla is a new hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This new hero has a support role with the Specialty Crowd Control initiator. That way, he has good initiation skills and provides crowd control.

On this occasion, TeknoGeng tells you the background of the new hero Carmilla Mobile Legends. Do you know who Carmilla really is after reading this story? what about the background? and so on. Let’s just read the story below.

Carmilla Hero Wallpaper

Many years ago, Carmilla was born in the Ansaac house in Aberleen Castle. She was loved very much by her entire family as she was the earl’s only daughter.

Carmill continues to grow into a beautiful and charming woman. Coupled with her famous family background, she even became one of the most popular nobles in Aberleen Castle across the Empire.

Her background as the child of a noble family has Carmilla linked to the problem of being a political tool, particularly of her own father, Earl Anssac. Her father engaged Carmilla to another family who also had power.

Countless nobles tried to approach Carmilla, but none of them attracted her. He only accepts the best for himself. The man she wanted was just someone she could identify with.

But his father, Earl Ansaac, had made a choice. He knew that the threat was approaching from the abyss and that the military nobility would dominate the kingdom’s politics. Therefore, he had to have good relationships with them in order to maintain the social status of his family.

However, a man who was not considered important by the Earl had thwarted the plan. The man in question was named Cecilion and was the best opera singer in the Southern Empire. Carmilla has been one of her most loyal viewers since her first visit to Castle Aberleen.

In Carimlla’s eyes, Cecilion was an elegant and talented man. He can also see the sadness and mystery in his eyes. At each performance, Carmilla sat in the center right of the auditorium and quietly enjoyed her performance.

One day, when the curtains were being drawn, Cecilion and Carmilla’s eyes met. The fire of passion blazed between the two. Like lightning that shatters the night sky, they finally fell in love.

After that, Carmilla felt happy every day. When night fell, Cecilion got dressed and came to invite her to the opera house to sing songs he had composed especially for Carmilla.

Carmilla watched Cecilion’s appearance carefully, never taking her eyes off the others. After the show ended, they arranged to meet backstage and danced in the moonlight. Later that morning, Cecilion laid the roses that the dew had nourished for her on Carmilla’s windowsill and walked slowly.

Over time, Carmille noticed something unusual about her lover. He appreciated that Cecilia lived lonely and had bad relationships with other people. Her skin was always pale, even when she wasn’t wearing makeup.

Carmilla saw from her eyes that Cecilion was related to the legendary blood demons. But Carmilla still trusts her lover because she still feels real love. He didn’t care if Cecilion was human or a blood demon.

Carmilla only knew of her love for Cecilion. Even he believed that he would spend the rest of his life with Cecilion.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two people did not get the blessing of Carmilla’s parents. He forbade his son to marry Cecilia. He even locked her up and forced Carmilla to marry Baron Tawil, the general in the Imperial Army who worked near Castle Aberleen. The earl even sent his men to close the opera house so Carmelia could forget about Cecilion.

By now Cecilion knew that love between a blood demon would never work. He eventually gave up on Carmilla even though she loved him.

One day when Cecilion was about to leave, he wrote a letter to Carmilla. She told him everything about her origins, her story and left the letter with the roses on the window sill.

On the other hand, Carmilla didn’t just stop fighting. he did not want to give in to his father’s will. But his heart broke after reading Carmilla’s suicide note. He didn’t care whether Cecilia was a blood demon or not. All he knew was his deep love for Cecilia.

Then Carmilla stood at the window and watched the direction Cecilia had gone. As dusk fell, he cut his wrist with a sharp dagger. He fell into the darkness in his own way.

When Carmilla woke up, she felt herself in Cecilion’s arms. Her eyes were full of kindness and she looked at him. Then his touch was extremely cold, as if he were lifeless and his skin was extremely pale too.

Carmilla knew that her lover had not left her alone. He had returned and resuscitated her with his blood. These two lonely souls are finally one and can feel each other’s life, even if not in the real world.

After that, the Aberleen Castle people never saw Carmilla and Cecilion again. Even they consider it just a fairy tale legend that has been passed down orally over time.

As night fell, Carmilla leaned against Cecilian’s arms on the top tower of Castle Aberleen as if time hadn’t stood still.

This is the background of the new hero Carmilla Mobile Legends. After Mimin read the story, Mimin seemed to be reminded of life in the past where parents always equated their children. In fact, quite a few people are ready to die because they do not receive their parents’ blessings or an arranged marriage.

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