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New Build Moskov RRQ Xin Really Powerful

Moskov is a sniper hero who is very agile and difficult to learn because of his extraordinary skills. There is nothing wrong with RRQ Xin using this hero often. Moskov’s physical penetration and damage will increase as the level increases. Moscow’s most important ability is being able to attack enemies in a line at the same time. As a damage dealer hero, Moskov’s role in a team is indispensable in order to be able to take down enemies quickly. Since moskov has a low durability, avoid fighting as much as possible by being behind a tank and always keeping a distance from the enemy. In a fight, the combination of Moskov skills that are commonly used is skill 1, skill 2, skill 3. With the right build, Moskov becomes a hero feared by his enemies. This time I will be giving the most painful RRQ Xin Moskov build to deal maximum damage to Moskov, check this out !.

The following items are Hero Moskov Spear of Quiescence.

Raptor machete
The first item in this Moskov build is a Raptor machete. This item is a jungle item that can deal extra damage to minions and jungles, making farming faster. This item also provides additional physical attack and physical penetration to the enemy. The next basic attack also deals real damage and, when using retaliation, causes a slow effect on the enemy. So this item must be used on this Moskov to farm quickly.

Fast boots
The second item in this Moskov build is Swift Boots. This item is an attack speed shoe that can increase the speed of basic attacks and also as an addition to the movement speed for Moskov.

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Scarlet Phantom
The third item in this Moskov build is the Scralet Phantom. This item is an item that can increase physical attack and attack speed along with critical chance. If Moskov can critically hit, the hero’s attack speed will also increase, and the critical chance will also increase. With this item, Moskov can do greater damage to the enemy. This item is suitable for Moscow as it deals critical damage in addition to physical damage.

Endless struggle
The fourth item in Build Moskov is Endless Battle. This item can increase the normal attack attack for Moskov. When Moscow uses this item it will increase basic attacks and physical attacks as extra real damage to your opponent. This item also provides a very important physical lifesteal for this Moscow hero. On top of that, Endless Battle also offers additional physical damage, HP, and cooldown reduction. This item must be used by a hero like this Moskov. With the help of this item, Moskov can farm in the forest or restore HP by attacking creeps and dealing maximum damage to your opponent.

Berseker’s anger
The fifth item in Build Moskov has a critical item called Berseker’s Fury. When Moskov uses this item, Moskov’s critical damage is large, when he deals damage, his critical chance increases. This item increases the hero’s physical attack and also increases the boys’ critical damage. Every physical attack presents a critical chance against the enemy. Wow, so you are performing physical attacks that can cause high levels of physical attack damage. You can definitely eliminate enemies quickly, folks, wow, amazing, this is a must.

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Blade of Despair
This item is the final item that grants a very high physical attack. With this item, Moskov will be very feared by opponents because if Moskov does damage, the enemy will be eliminated quickly, wow amazing. This item can help Moscow inflict huge damage on the enemy to get rid of them quickly guys. So this item is also clearly mandatory, because this item is the heart of the hero boys. So you have to buy this Blade of Despair item folks.

This is the best build Hero Moskov Strongs

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