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Morgan Freeman is turning 50 acres into a bee farm, here's why

Morgan Freeman. (Instagram / morganfreeman) – Morgan Freeman, a famous Hollywood actor and director, has proven that anyone can help protect animals and the earth.

The 81-year-old celebrity decided to convert his 124-acre farm in Charleston, Mississippi, USA into a giant bee farm.

Morgan Freeman got into beekeeping seriously when he was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on the show The Tonight Show in 2014.

At the time, many disapproved of knowing Morgan Freeman’s plan and considered it a joke.

But in early 2021 he proved that his beekeeping was no joke.

It’s not even your typical beekeeping, as Morgan Freeman doesn’t harvest honey from beehives.

Illustration of a beehive.  (Pixabay / Rajesh Balouria)
Illustration of a beehive. (Pixabay / Rajesh Balouria)

What he did was just multiply the bees so they had as many numbers as possible.

Freeman imported 26 Arkansas beehives to his Mississippi farm.

He also grows many bee-friendly plants and trees such as magnolia, lavender, clover and many other trees.

Quoted from Forbes, the unique thing is that Freeman never wears a protective bee coat or hat when feeding the bees.

As if he knew Freeman had helped him, he had never had a bee sting in the past 5 years.

One of Morgan Freeman's Mississippi lands has been turned into a huge bee farm.  (Google map)
One of Morgan Freeman’s Mississippi lands has been turned into a huge bee farm. (Google map)

He only fed them sugar and water and had no intention of harvesting honey or disturbing the beehives.

Based on research by scientists who are members of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the number of bees has decreased dramatically and could trigger disasters and ecosystem crises.

Colony Collapse Disorder suspected to be the cause of the drastic decline in the number of bees.

Even in the 5 years from 2008 to 2013, the wild bee population in the US declined by 23 percent.

The above research is consistent with the results published in the journal Biological preservation in February 2021.

Worse still, scientists say that in 100 years insects will be extinct, including bees.

Up to 75 percent of insects are lost in protected forest areas after humans use insecticides such as neonicotinoids and fipronil.

Morgan Freeman’s noble actions are good news because conserving pollinating animals like bees also means ensuring the sustainability of humans and the environment.

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