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Mobile Legends New Skin and Hero Release February 2021

TeknoGeng, id | Games – As usual, Montoon always updates every specific period. New heroes or new skins are usually released in these updates.

Now in February 2021, many skins will also be released, including the new hero Cecilion. Which skins will be released in February? Check out his review below.

1. Masha Starlight Skin – Combat Maiden

Masha Combat Maiden Wallpaper

The Starlight Membership Award for February is Masha’s new skin, Fighting girl. This hero will be available on the pre-server on February 1st, 2021 and can only be obtained by subscribing Starlight member. At the very least, you need a budget of around 150 thousand rupees to get it.

If we’re careful, the Masha Combat Maiden Starlight skin looks normal folks. But it’s better than normal skins and elite skills. For the size of the strlight skin, it’s still reasonable folks.

In these final patches Masha Got nerf from Moonton’s side. But his role as a tower thief is still reliable. It still has fast attack and movement speed, so it’s still very good for a turret.

2. Epic Lunox Skin – Butterfly Seraphim

The epic skin that will be released in February is Lunox called the Butterfly Seraphim Skin. We don’t know the release date of this skin yet, but it will most likely be early February.

Skin Epic Lunox Butterfly Seraphim
Lunox Butterfly Seraphim Wallpaper

This epic Lunox Butterfly Seraphim skin will be available at the Lucky Box event and on February 5th, 2021. So this skin will be available for a limited time and will require a large enough budget to get it. However, you will get many benefits from this event.

Lunox on the butterfly seraphim skin is very beautiful folks. Even prettier than the Starlight skin. Plus, the skill and animation effects of this skin are really cool. It’s only natural that this skin should be called an Epic Skin. Lunox users have to buy this folks ^^.

To date Lunox is still a pretty dangerous mage hero gang, especially for tank heroes. Lunox has high burst damage so it can take out tank or battle heroes quickly.

3. Elite Lilya Skin – Star Student

Lilya’s new Skin Star Student will also be released on February 22nd, 2021 folks. We predict that this hero will be available in mid-February. We also don’t know whether this skin will be available by upgrading the skin or directly in the shop.

Skin Elite Lylia Star Student

This Star Student Lylia skin looks pretty good for an elite skin size. Better if we compare with normal skin. But for the elite skin size it is still worth buying.

Lylia this includes heroes who are pretty annoying, as well as gangs in the early game. He can deal 1 high burst damage thanks to his combination of passive and skill, plus he has a pretty high movement speed so it’s pretty difficult to kidnap. This hero is very strong and can dominate the game in the early game.

4. New hero Cecilion

It is possible that Cecilion’s new new hero will be released on the original server on February 12, 2021. So far there is only one new hero on the original server, which is Atlas. To do this, however, it must first be balanced. Therefore, Cecilion will most likely be published on the original server first.

Cecilion Mobile Legends
Cecilion Embrace the Night Wallpaper

Cecilion is a hero who can poke enemies effectively. Because the cooldown time of the first skill is very short and we can spam. He will also have very high damage depending on the amount of mana he has.

5. Esmeralda’s special skin – Lady Thief

Valentine’s special skin in February 2021 is Esmeralda Lady Thief paired with Khufra Gentleman Thief. These two specials will be released on the 14th. It is possible that this skin will be sold in the form of diamonds or certain events. It is possible that this Esmeralda Lady Thief Skin is selling for 749 diamonds.

According to Mimin, Esmeralda’s new skin is pretty good folks. She looks elegant and charming. After all, Moonton hasn’t released a couple of pinkish-and-pink skins, guys. In my opinion, you really have to buy Esmeralda users.

As of now, Esmeralda is still a banned subscription hero at Legend level and below. Because this hero is a natural opponent of heroes who have shields like Harith, Chang’e and Kagura. In addition, Esmeralda did enormous damage.

6. Khufra’s special skin – Gentleman Thief

Khufra and Esmeralda Valentine Skin Wallpaper
Khufra and Esmeralda Valentine Skin Wallpaper

Just like Esmeralda’s skin, the new skin by Khufra Gentleman Thief will be released on February 14, 2021. It is possible that this skin will be sold as a bundle with Esmeralda’s skin, as it is a pair skin.

Unlike normal skins and elite skins, Khufra’s appearance looks very masculine in this Gentleman Thief skin. He didn’t look scary. At first glance, this skin looks like Roger’s normal skin, folks, hehe.

Until now, Khufra is still a very dangerous hero. Because he is the best counterattack for agile heroes like Harith, Bruno and Gusion. In addition, it also contains tanks that are very difficult to kill. So don’t be surprised if Khufra is a hero who is always a forbidden subscription.

7. Nana’s epic skin – Mecha Baby

Nana Mecha Baby wallpapers
Nana Mecha Baby wallpapers

The new skin of Nana Mecha Baby will be released on February 24th, 2021. Most likely, this skin will sell for 899 diamonds. Because the Lucky Box event has become an epic Lunox skin contingent. But we’re just waiting for Moonton’s decision.

Nana’s appearance on this epic mecha baby skin looks really cute, guys. Her cute face is complimented by her cyborg-like clothing. Anyway, this Nana’s epic skin is really cool.

This nana is a hero who is rarely used, especially at Legend level and up. Although this hero has crowd control, which is annoying for the gang. In addition to the damage done by the ultimate skill, it’s really big. In addition, this skill is an area so it is very useful for team fights.

8.Skin zodiac sign Lancelot – Pisces (resale)

Well, for those of you who haven’t had the chance to own the Zodiac Lancelot Pisces skin, you can get it in February. Because from February 19th this skin will be available for the Summon Zodiac. However, you will need more diamonds to get it, but the benefits that you will get are also many.

Lancelot fish skins

First of all, Server Lancelot gets a small adjustment of its passive skills. It is possible that after Lancelot is published on the original server, it will be used again a lot later as it will cause significant damage.

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These are some of the skins that will be released on the original server in February 2021. Keep visiting TeknoGeng for the latest information on skins and hero releases. Let’s prepare the budget from now on, gang ^^

Image source: Dafrixkun

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