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Mobile Legends New Skin and Hero Release November 2021 Starlight Member | Games – Moonton is always updated at a specific time for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. On Update This will usually be notified when the new Mobile Legends skin is released on the internet Original server.

Well! In this article, TechnoGang will provide leaks from multiple skins and heroes to be released in November 2021.

1. Starlight Grock Skin – Island Golem

Grock Island Golem
Grock Island Golem

Premium skin gifts for Starlight Member November is the Grock Island Golem. This skin will be available on the original Mobile Legends server 1st November 2021. You need to subscribe to Starlight to receive this new Grock skin.

In our opinion, this skin is definitely worth buying, Grock’s appearance looks quite classy gear. This phenomenon may be familiar to you DOTA 2 players. Yes! this skin looks like Planetfall Earthshaker Arcana.

2. Ling’s new hero – Cyan Finch

Ling Cyan Finch
Ling Cyan Finch

New Hero Ling will be available on Original server on November 2, 2021. You can get heroes by using 32,000 battle points or 599 diamonds. There is a 30% discount if you make a purchase with diamonds in the first week after it is released.

Ling is a very agile assassin hero as he can move around walls very easily. Perhaps after its release, Ling will later become one of the main assassins. This hero has terrible damage, and most importantly, he has skills too immunity.

3. Ling normal skin – fiery dance art

Ling fiery dance
Ling fiery dance

The release of Hero Ling is also called from his normal skin. accompanied Fiery dance. You can get the skin with 269 diamonds. You can also buy Ling and her normal skin in the form of bundle up and there is a 30% discount for purchases in the first week.

There is nothing special about Ling’s normal skin gear. Significant changes only occur in the base color, which turns red, this is normal yes gang the price is cheap too lol.

4. Epic Irithelium Skin – Astral Wanderer

Skin Epic Irithel Astral Wanderer
Irithel Astral Wanderer

Epic skins Irithel Astral Wanderer is published in Original server Mobile Legends on November 5th, 2021. Heroes can be obtained through events Lucky box. In this way, the diamond to be prepared is also very large gear. Usually you get an epic skin in the last 2 rounds. So just prepare 1000 more diamonds to get them yes gang.

Since Astral Wanderer is an epic skin, the quality or skill effect of this skin is of course very good. But in our opinion, Irithel’s skin is like a combination of the Epic Gatotkaca skin and the Legend Saber skin. All three are robots with an appearance that is certainly very cool gear.

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This includes irithelium Sagittarius which does a lot of damage in the late game. Even if it only takes one shot to topple a hero like you magician and Assassin. But this hero is not very effective at playing in the game early game phase because its damage is utterly tasteless. So that he is very weak in phase these.

5. Lesley’s main legend – Angelic Agen

Lesley Angelic agent
Lesley Legends Skin – Angel Agent

After a long wait, the Legend Lesley Skin, Angelic Agent will finally be released soon Original server Mobile legends gear. This hero will be available on the original server from November 9-11, 2021. That way, this skin is limited yes gang for us to get.

This Lesley Angelic Agent Legend Skin is not sold through the Magic Wheel like the Alucard Obsidian Blade Skin that is gear. This Legend Lesley skin is sold through the diamond vault. So for everyone who has collected a lot Magic crystal can’t use it for this new Legends skin.

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Because this is a Legend skin that sells very well Fantastic, natural appearance and Skill Effects of Angel agent skins that is so impressive. In fact, we think it’s better than other Legend skins.

Lesley’s popularity has waned over the past few seasons. Its popularity is inferior to Granger or Kimmy. Because the damage Lesley inflicted is no longer as painful as it was before and very easy to undo. Maybe Moonton will upgrade this hero later after the Legend skin is released.

6. Mokov Elite Skin – Decapitatorite

Moscow beheaders
Moscow beheaders

The new Mobile Legends Elite Moskov Decapitator skin will be available on November 12, 2021 on the original Mobile Legends server. We don’t know in detail how Moonton will sell this latest Moskov skin. Perhaps it is normally sold in the shop for 599 diamonds.

In our opinion, this Moskov Decapitator Skin has a scary look to it, but it ain’t really wow folks. But that’s only natural guys because this is an elite skin. So don’t expect much ^^.

Actually, Mosov is a shooter who has the most annoying stun effect and very high burst damage. However, the range of fire is very short, so it is very easy to avoid.

7. Terizla’s new skin – flare

Terizla Flare's new skin
Terizla flare

Terizla’s new Mobile Legends skin, Flare, will soon roll out on the original Mobile Legends server on November 18, 2021. But until now we don’t know whether this skin is a special skin or an ordinary elite skin. But we predict that this skin won’t be as expensive as the Epic skins. So just prepare your diamonds Yes.

Grock is silent Tanker which is still widely used by most pro players, even in the event MPL Indonesia even grock is still often used. Painful damage, high durability, and skill immunity are still considered by many players who choose this hero.

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At first glance, if we’re careful, Terizla’s skin resembles Balmond gangs. Terizla’s appearance on this skin is scary indeed because it looks like a fiery person.

Terizla is currently a widespread Offlaner, be it in the Mytic rank or in tournaments like the MPL. This hero has tremendous damage and durability. So he’s very strong to be an offlaner. But unfortunately, this hero has a very slow movement speed and attack power.

8. Gord’s new skin – controller # 1

Gord No. 1 controller
Gord No. 1 controller

The new skin of Mobile Legends Gord No. 1 controller will be released shortly Original server Mobile Legends on November 21, 2021. As of now, we don’t know what skin type to get or how to get it. But you should just prepare the diamond, okay? gear.

This gord contains heroes who are once used in legend level and above and in tournaments. This hero has annoying damage and crowd control, but he has slow movements. So it is very easy to be picked up by the enemy.

9. Skin Alucard Lightborn Squad Striker

New skin Mobile Legends Alucard Baru
Alucard Lightborn Squad – Striker

Little by little, the skin heroes of the Lightborn squad will be released. One of the skins of this skin that is going to be released is Alucard. This skin will be released on November 22, 2021. However, it is not yet known how Moonton will sell this new skin folks. But from now on you should just prepare your diamonds Yes.

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Alucard is a hero who has a lot of skin gangs. Perhaps one of the reasons is that this hero is often used a lot, especially for beginners. However, at the legend level and above, this hero is very easy to overthrow despite having a very heavy lifestyle.

10. Skin Tigreal Lightborn Squad – Defender

New skin Mobile Legends Tigreal
Tigreal Lightborn Squad – Defender

The Tigreal Defender skin will also be released at the same time as the Alucard skin on November 22, 2021. Both are members of the Lightborn team. We also don’t know how to get this skin gear.

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Just like Alucard, Tigreal is a hero who is often the mainstay of beginners. This hero has area control and, thanks to his passive, has a very good defense. But unfortunately, Tigreal is less effective in the current meta.

11. Martis zodiac skin – Capricorn

Martis zodiac skin - Capricorn
Martis zodiac skin – Capricorn

The zodiac Martis Capricorn skin will be resold on November 23, 2021. You can get him through the Summon Zodiac event. That way you have a lot of diamonds prep but not as much as buying epic skins folks.

12. New hero – Wanwan

Wanwan Mobile Legends
Wanwan Mobile Legends

The new archer Wanwan will appear on the original server at the end of this month, on November 26, 2021. This hero will be published as usual with a normal skin. Usually Moonton sells heroes and skins in bundles, so just prepare the diamonds folks.

You can get this new wanwan hero with 32 thousand BP. So from now on, just prepare. Or you can get it with around 500 diamonds.

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Wanwan is a very agile shooter, gang. Because the higher its attack speed, the more agile it becomes. Wanwan also has exceptional immunity skills. This makes Wanwan the second shooter after Hanabi who has the ability to provide immunity.

These are some of the heroes that will be released in November 2021. There are a few more hero skins to be released this month. To do this, keep watching for the latest information.