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Mobile Legends Lylia Haunted Doll Skin Review, Worth Buying?

One of the heroes Mobile legends, Lylia, got a new skin called Haunted Doll this Halloween 2021 season. In contrast to the previous Skin Future Star, this Haunted Doll skin is dominated or dominated by dark colors and Lolita effects Gothic.

For those of you who use this hero, you definitely know how apt Lylia is to be one of the special Halloween themed skins.

Before using your diamonds, check out the Haunted Doll skin’s animation and skill effects first!

First animation of Haunted Doll Skin

Lylia Haunted Doll Skin Animation entrance skin

Lylia will appear and carry her wax stick. Suddenly, her partner Gloom (who has been turned into a white ghost character) shows up, causing Lylia to jump and almost lose her balance. Lylia immediately sucked Gloom in with her lily staff, which then gave a blue flame effect.

Haunted Doll Skin Skill Effect

Basic Attack Haunted Doll Skin Effect
Basic attack Skin Future Star vs Haunted Doll

The basic attack on this skin is quite simple. In contrast to Future Star, which is equipped with musical notes, Haunted Doll only gives a blue effect.

Ability 1 Haunted Dolls
Skin effect of Haunted Doll’s ability 1

Lylia will summon her partner Gloom when she uses Skill 1. With the Haunted Doll skin, Gloom appears in the form of a white ghost. Combined with Skill 2, the bat surrounds Gloom every time he eats a bullet.

With the Haunted Doll skin, the color of the ball from Skill 2 Shadow Energy also changes to turquoise. Then when Lylia puts Skill 2 on the ground, you’ll see at a glance a circular line with a dark in the middle (before the orb appears).

Skill Effect 2 Haunted Dolls

The effect of Lylia’s black shoes from the Haunted Doll skin is pretty cool. Every time Lylia leaves she leaves a trick or treating trail. When he uses his ultimate, this trail disappears and a flock of bats appears around the hero.

black shoes ultimate ghost doll effect
The ultimate skill effect for black shoes with the Haunted Doll skin

Overall, Haunted Doll can be viewed as skin Mobile legends the coolest and cutest. The color of the skill effect is easy to see even with low graphics. It is absolutely mandatory for Lylia players to purchase this Haunted Doll skin!

So, are you going to buy a skin? Mobile legends That Halloween version of Lylia?

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