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Mobile Legend revenue annually? Here is the review

Mobile Legends revenue per year – Mobile Legends is a popular game that is widely used, so it’s no wonder many people are amazed at ML’s income.

Approximately how much income can Mobile Legends earn per year?

Since a lot of people are asking about Moonton Mobile Legends’ annual income, we’ll take this opportunity to discuss it.

Find out how much Ml earns per year in this article.

Mobile Legend annual revenue

Mobile Legends has been published by Moonton since 2021, so this battle royale game is very popular.

Mobile Legends revenue per year
Mobile Legend annual revenue

The Sensor Tower site previously announced how much income Moonton is making each year.

Since its inception through 2021, Moonton has generated $ 502.5 million, which is equivalent to Rs 7 trillion at the current exchange rate.

Meanwhile, Moonton’s annual income is constantly changing and rising.

Mobile Legends annual revenue

Based on the same data from Sensor Tower, Moonton was able to earn 214 million US dollars or the equivalent of 2.9 trillion Rp. In 2021.

So it can be estimated that Moonton’s annual income is more than Rp 2.9 trillion as the sales of this Mobile Legends game keep increasing.

Mobile Legends players in Asia make up the bulk of Moonton’s income.

Most of the in-game purchases were made by Malaysian players who spent $ 87.5 million on Mobile Legends.

Second place goes to Indonesia, which made $ 69.2 million in transactions in the Mobile Legends game.

Where does Mobile Legends get revenue from?

Where does Moonton get so much income from? Although the Mobile Legends application is free to download, Moonton has many advantages.

The winnings generated by Moonton Mobile Legends are generated through top-up activities or in-game purchases by Mobile Legends players.

Buying diamonds in Mobile Legends is Moonton’s main source of income.

The more players buy Diamond Mobile Legends, the more Moonton returns.

If you want to support Moonton, you can charge as a support

We can say that about ML’s annual income. Hopefully what we’re saying this time can answer your question about how much Mobile Legends are making each year. Might be useful!

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