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MLBB login on this date Request attractive prices

MLBB login and receive attractive prices on the date set by Moonton. This applies to all Mobile Legends players from September 23, 2021 to December 14, 2021. This interesting award is a continuation of the Dyroth event 11.23 which takes place on the original server. Events 11.23 itself offers a basic skin from Dyroth, which can be redeemed tomorrow on September 23rd.

On September 30, 2021, players who log in will receive attractive prizes in the form of battle emotes. Dyroth became an icon in the combat emote that became a prize and could be claimed on a permanent basis. This fighting emote is funny enough to make fun of enemies when playing Rank in Match mode. Additionally, the use of combat emotes adds to the aesthetics of the game, making players look like sultans.

On December 7, 2021, players who log in will receive an attractive gift in the form of a border avatar. This attractive price is also inseparable from Dyroth’s ornament with a combination of purple and blue. This avatar frame can also be used permanently to decorate profile photos. Using the avatar frame will make the player profile look more attractive and different.

Of the various dates used as time to win prizes, there are dates when new heroes can be claimed. This new hero is still a mystery and can be claimed when the player logs in on December 14th, 2021. Based on data from Youtube and the Mobile Legends pre-server, the heroes are free to claim Wan wan. Many of the Mobile Legends community also assume this because they pay attention to the hints.


Wan wan himself is a sniper hero who is the most difficult hero to operate after Fanny. This information can be obtained or demonstrated on Advance server Mobile Legends through attention to skills Wan wan. But despite the high degree of difficulty Wan wan has a very large attack damage. In fact, it is rumored that before his next release on the Advance server, he is an overwhelmed hero Original server.

Different to Events Dyroth 11.23, there are no special rules for asserting claims at the subsequent event. The only rule that needs to be known is that players need to log in on the dates mentioned. This event can be seen when players play the Mobile Legends game and go to the event home page. Tap Events, then tap Kingdom reborn continue with tap great gift To see it.


After this event, there will be another event in Mobile Legends that offers more attractive prizes. Such as Christmas and New Years events, which are held annually by Moonton with distinctive ornaments. To participate in the next event, keep playing Mobile Legends and wait for the event release date. The price is still mysterious for sure, but it will definitely be interesting like the Mobile Legends game which is always interesting to play.

If you log into the Mobile Legends game on the aforementioned date, players will receive attractive prizes. Hero, Combat Emote, and Frontier Avatar are some of the prizes that can be received for free by logging in on that date. Mobile Legends players are sure to be very happy about attractive prizes on these dates. According to Gamers, are the prizes that can be redeemed for free at this event interesting enough?

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