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MLBB Early Game Hero will quickly advance to Mythic

Hero Mobile Legends is countless now as the seasons change frequently until they enter Season 14. There are six hero roles in the Mobile Legends game, namely tanks, fighter, assassin, sniper, mage and supporter. Of the six roles, they are further divided into three groups based on the damage done. These three groups are groups Early Game Heroes, middle game and late game to win the game.

For late game heroes, it is controlled by Marksman role heroes such as Hanabi, Lesley, Karrie, Bruno, and Clint. There is no doubt that the sniper hero will have greater damage upon entering the late game. In addition, the shooter can attack from a distance, making it difficult to beat in the late game. However, it takes a long time if you want to win a match with Marksman as this hero is only useful in the late game.


In mid-game heroes, there are magicians who acquire like Kagura, Alice, Harley, Lunox, and Harith. The mage gets very sick when stepping into the middle of the game where the ultimate ability can be used to execute the opponent. Mage is great for winning games as this hero is multifunctional from early to late game. Mage can be said to still play a role in the early and late games, but the strongest force is in the middle game.

In addition, there are early game heroes that are often used by top players to win matches. Early game heroes have very painful damage early in the game and become a distinct advantage. At the beginning Game, Early game heroes can multiply kills, causing the opponent’s hero to lose gold and damage. If you have lost gold and damage, it is certain that the opposing team will lose as soon as possible.

Fanny Mobile Legends 2


Early game heroes are controlled by assassins who have particularly quick movements and the most sadistic damage. Early game heroes are very useful for players who want to save time to win games. The average time it takes to win a match with this hero is 8-10 minutes. This time is certainly much shorter than that of mid-game and late-game heroes, which can last up to 25 minutes.

The early game-over-power heroes are currently held by assassins like Fanny, Gusion, Lancelot, and Selena. Those of you who play Mobile Legends a lot probably know how difficult it is to face these heroes in the early game. If the player is a pro, heroes of the early game can win matches of less than 8 minutes in duration. Fanny, Gusion, and Lancelot are early game heroes who often seem to win matches in a short amount of time.



Those of you looking to win short-duration games use early game heroes. If you haven’t mastered the Assassin Hero yet, learn Classic Mode first and use Gusion first. Gusion is an assassin with the lowest level of difficulty compared to other assassins. If you’ve already mastered Gusion in classic mode, try ranked mode by relying on it.

Hero Mobile Legends, capable of winning games in a short amount of time, are early heroes of the game. Assassin is the master of early game heroes and will be very helpful in winning matches without hesitation. If you don’t win in the early game, use Assassin to kidnap Marksman who is the mainstay of the late game. If you are a gamer yourself, would you prefer to use heroes in the late game, mid game, or early game?

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