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Menorgaming com FF and MLBB, is it safe? That’s clearer

Menorigaming com top up ff and mobile legends – is a top-up site with low prices. If you want to start a diamond charging business you can use this menorigaming-com site to become a diamond charging reseller.

But before you become a reseller and top up Menorigaming, there are many things you should know.

Check out this discussion to find out if menorigaming com is safe and how to use it.


This menorigaming site is an official site owned by a youtuber with a channel called BELAJAR FANNY MLBB.

This menorigaming site offers top up services for various games from Mobile Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile to Free Fire.

Menorgaming is not like most top-up sites because this is where you can become a diamond reseller as well.

Menorigaming site

You can register on this Menorigaming site to become a diamond reseller at low prices.

How to use the Menorgaming Com Situs website For Top UP FF and Mobile Legend

This menorigaming site is very easy to use and not much different from top-up sites in general. How to use menorigaming com, the cheapest top-up site:

  1. Go to the website, then you can click the Sign In button first.
  2. If you do not already have an account, you can click the Register Now button to register on the Menorigaming site.
  3. All you have to do to register is enter a new username, password and mobile phone number. Then you can complete the captcha and then click the Register Now button.
  4. After registering, you can click Home and then click on the game you want to recharge.
  5. Enter your Game ID, select the top-up amount and payment method you want, enter your WhatsApp number and click the Buy Now button.
  6. After you have chosen the payment method, your transaction will be processed. If you want to check the status, click the Check Order button.

Is Menorgaming Com Safe to Use?

This MLBB FANNY LEARNING channel claims menorigaming is safe.

At the moment, Mobile Legends Diamonds recharge can be done quickly, but the Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile recharge services are still slow.

This menorigaming site has been banned on suspicion of phishing. Is it true that this menorigaming site is actually phishing?

To organize

It is not yet certain whether this Menorigaming is actually phishing.

But maybe it’s just an SSL or https problem that the developer of this site didn’t address.

If you want to top up Menorigaming, try topping up with a small nominal first and using a backup account ID.

That’s all we can say about this Menorigaming. Hopefully what we have to say about Menorigaming is more useful to you.

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