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Meaning of Cyan in Among US: Other players need to know

The Meaning of Cyan Among Us – Game Among Us has managed to grab the attention of many people. Between us there is still a trending topic and the hottest discussion on various social media platforms.

Not surprising, because Among Us is really fun to play.

Among Us is also popular in many countries, so it’s not just Indonesians who play this game.

Many foreign people also play among us, so foreign words or terms appear that you may not understand.

So this time we’re going to discuss one of the words that some of us gamers don’t understand, namely the word cyan. Read on to understand what cyan means in the game Among Us.

Cyan with Unter uns

Each player who plays in Among Us has a different color of character. Because it will be easier to remember colors than to remember the username of every player among us who is playing.

When a discussion takes place, you and other players will definitely mention colors in place of each other’s usernames.

Well, cyan is one of the colors in the English language. Based on the English dictionary, that cyan skin is a turquoise color among us.

To make it easier for many Indonesians to interpret the color cyan as a light blue color.

Meaning of cyan in Unter uns

From the article above, you must understand that the meaning of cyan in the Among Us game is light blue. The skin below us is one of the colors that users use

Foreigners who play among us often refer to the light blue color as cyan and the dark blue player as blue.

Meaning of cyan in Among US
Meaning of cyan in Among US

Don’t forget what cyan means in “Among Us”. Because if that happens, there will be a misunderstanding between you and other players among us.

Also, understand the mention of other colors in English so you don’t get confused when playing Among Us with foreigners.

That is what we can say about the importance of cyan in Among Us. Hopefully with this article you will no longer be confused by the word cyan that is often mentioned in-game among us.

That’s all we can say about the meaning of the word cyan in Among Us, hopefully it’s useful!

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