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Macro Gloo Free Fire, APK Download Now

Macro Gloo Free Fire APK -How to download Gloo Wall Free Fire APK quickly? Not all Free Fire players know the trick to being able to install Gloo Wall quickly.

Gloo Wall itself is an object in the form of a wall that you can use to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

If you want to install Gloo Wall quickly, you can use macros. Using macros, you can quickly install Gloo Wall even in a crouching position.

Macro Gloo Free Fire
Macro Gloo Free Fire

For those of you who don’t know, this macro is a term that allows you to use shortcuts to do something in the game.

Macros are typically used by emulator players who use the keyboard and mouse they are using.

Macros Gloo Wall macro Free Fire APK

Although you are playing the Free Fire game on your mobile phone, you can also run shortcuts or macros. You can use assistive apps like Auto Clicker to make the Free Fire game easier for you to play.

With the Auto Clicker application, you can install Gloo Wall with just a tap of your finger. If you install manually, you will have to tap a few buttons. This makes the installation of Gloo Wall inefficient.

If you want to efficiently install Gloo Wall with just one click, you can take advantage of the Auto Clicker application.

You can listen to this article until the end so you can quickly install Gloo Wall using Auto Clicker.

How to install Gloo Wall using Macro

If you want to use macros when installing Gloo Wall, you can follow the method presented here. To install Gloo Wall using macros:

  1. First download and install the Auto Clicker application from
  2. Besides the auto clicker application mentioned above, you can also download other auto clicker applications from the Play Store.
  3. Allow the access that the Auto Clicker application requires.
  4. You will be redirected to the Accessibility Settings, select the auto-clicker application, and then enable the On button to allow the auto-clicker application.
  5. Open the Auto Clicker application again, after which you can press the Start Multi Target button.
  6. Open the Free Fire game and enter the game you want to play.
  7. In-game, you can press the + button in the auto-clicker application that appears.
  8. After that, a record button 1 will appear, which you can point to the Gloo-Wall button.
  9. Press the + button again and aim the aim button 2 at the left shot button.
  10. Press the + button again and point the trigger 3 at the crouch button.
  11. To bring up Gloo Wall, all you have to do is point the screen slightly down and then press the play button.
  12. By pressing the play button, Gloo Wall will appear in front of you immediately.

Isn’t it easy to install Gloo Wall with macros? By using a macro in the form of Auto Clicker, you can also install Gloo Wall with just one touch of a button.

That’s it for this article on Gloo Wall, hopefully it will come in handy.

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