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Luqueta Free Fire: Skills and How to Get Them

Luqueta Free Fire Characters – You probably already knew that there were new characters in the Free Fire 3volution update yesterday.

The character named Luqueta, who recently joined Free Fire, seems to have caught the attention of Free Fire players.

Each Free Fire character must have a unique skill or ability that can help you get Booyah. Well this time we are going to explain more about Luqueta’s capabilities.

Luqueta Free Fire
Luqueta FF Characters Characters

In addition, in this article that we are presenting, you can take a look at how to get Luqueta.

Getting to know the characters of Luqueta

The character of Luqueta, who recently appeared, was actually taken over by a Brazilian soccer player named Lucas Silva Borges.

Lucas Silva Borges is a soccer player who has played for Real Madrid and currently plays for Gremio.

Just like other characters in Free Fire, Luqueta is certainly also endowed with unique abilities or skills.

Luqueta’s unique ability is called Hattrick, where he can increase the player’s HP after successfully killing enemies.

Using Luqueta allows you to increase the maximum HP from 8 to 35, with the maximum HP increase occurring every time you kill an enemy.

This character also has a bundle called Soccer Star, which makes Luqueta’s character even more beautiful and powerful.

How to get Luqueta Free Fire

How do I get Luqueta on Free Fire? To get this Luqueta character, you must attend the Luqueta Top Up Event.

This Luqueta recharge event is an event that requires you to recharge in order to get Luqueta characters.

This Luqueta recharge event has been running since July 29, 2021 and ends on August 7, 2021, so you must recharge and attend this event immediately to receive this Luquetai character.

To get the Luqueta character, you need to charge up to 140 diamonds. And if you want to bring a Luqueta Soccer Star bundle as well, you’ll need to spend at least 2500 diamonds.

Here’s how you can get Luqueta characters in FF games.

If you want that character, you can top up right away and go to the Luqueta Top Up event.

That’s all for the article we can convey about Luqueta Free Fire, have fun playing!

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