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Luo Yi's latest Hero Mobile Legends, released May 2021

The newest hero Luo Yi in Mobile Legends is said to be a member of the Oriental Fighters. Within the Oriental Fighters there are Zilong, Ling, Wanwan and Baxia. Luo Yi is a hero who acts as a magician after there are assassins, fighters, riflemen and tanks in Oriental Fighters. Luo Yi himself is a free Mobile Legends hero for all gamers. This is a celebration of the 4th anniversary of Mobile Legends.

Luo Yi’s role as a magician has a specialty, namely damage / crowd control, this magician can be claimed on May 16, 2021. Many thought that Luo Yi had a similar appearance to Ling, but similar skills to Lunox. Vexa friends can judge for themselves later after the latest hero Luo Yi Mobile Legends was released.

The newest hero Luo Yi in Mobile Legends, The Yin-Yang Geomancer Power!

Latest Hero Luo Yi Mobile Legends
Source: Youtube Mobile Legends

Luo Yi is a mage with 4 skills. This hero even went through several skill changes before Mobile Legends actually deployed it on the original server. Many were disappointed with Luo Yi’s change in skill, saying that his role as a magician no longer worked and that he was more of a supporter now. Even so, all of Luo Yi’s strength is still very dangerous to fight the enemy. Here are all of Luo Yi’s latest hero skills in Mobile Legends!

Passive ability: duality

Luo Yi will make a yin-yang sign in the match arena that will last 6 seconds. If two players with different markings are close together, a yin-yang reaction appears. This deals 540 magical damage (+ 180% total magical power) and a crowd control effect in the form of stun for 1 second. If Luo Yi manages to give the sign bearer a new sign, Luo Yi receives a movement speed of 40 percent and a shield of 270 (+ 90% magical power). Before we dive into Luo Yi’s hero skills, let’s take a look at the gameplay!

Skill 1: Scatter

This ability lets Luo Yi release Yin-Yang energy in a predetermined direction. The energy is distributed on the first hit and inflicts 200 to 360 (+ 100% total magical power) and enemy units in the fan-shaped area magical damage. The scatter can also leave a yin-yang mark on the enemy hit. Luo Yi gets 1 stack every 8 seconds scatter up to 4 stacks, then he gets 1 additional stack every time a yin-yang reaction occurs.

Skill 2: Rotation

By activating this skill, Luo Yi will summon Fire of Yang or Aqua of Yin in the target area. The effect of this second skill deals 250 to 350 magical damage (+ 50% magical power) and the effect that the movement of the enemy is slowed by 60 percent for the enemies affected by the skill for 0.5 seconds. Aqua of Yin or Fire of Yang continues to apply to enemy Heroes hit, dealing magic damage from 75 to 105 (+ 15% magic power) every 0.7 seconds for 6 seconds. This activates the yin-yang reaction effect continuously with surrounding enemy units.

Ultimate ability: distraction

With this ultimate or distraction skill, Luo Yi gains a 2 percent reduction in the cooldown of all of his abilities. This skill lets Luo Yi teleport within a given large circle area. Luo Yi was even able to carry all of his teammates with this ability. After 3 seconds he can also send one of his team heroes who are in the great circle area to another location in the match arena. The teleport area increases depending on the level.

The right build for the newest hero Luo Yi in Mobile Legends

Right now, Luo Yi’s build options aren’t all that many, especially after being overhauled by Mobile Legends. However, there are still several build options for the newest Luo Yi Mobile Legends hero that Vexa friends can try. One of them is the mainstay build from the Gappermind Youtube account, here is the Gappermind mainstay build for Luo Yi.

  • Demon shoes or your choice, Vexa Friend
  • Glowing wand
  • Frozen wand
  • Genius wand
  • Holy crystal
  • Free of charge according to Vexa’s mainstay

If you feel like you’re still not compatible with Gappermind’s flagship build, don’t worry, there is a different build from a Youtube account called Nofri Gaming this time around too. Vexa friends can decide for themselves which build is best for the latest hero Luo Yi in Mobile Legends, here Nofri Gaming is the most important build for Luo Yi.

Latest Hero Luo Yi Mobile Legends
Source: Youtube Nofri Gaming
  • Demon shoes
  • Lighting stick
  • Glowing wand
  • Frozen wand
  • Holy crystal
  • Divine Glave

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Shut down

Vexa friends already know all of Luo Yi’s new hero skills in Mobile Legends that have been redesigned. Even so, Luo Yi’s power is still dangerous, especially when Vexa’s friend can use it well. Reportedly, Mobile Legends made changes to Luo Yi’s abilities to make them more understandable in the hopes that this hero mage doesn’t get too complicated to use. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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