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Louvre boss adds demands to Moonton

The protracted conflict between Louvre and Moonton does not yet seem to find any bright spots. First of all, Louvre CEO Erick Herlangga expressed his disappointment with the poor service during the MSC Championship 2021, which was very disadvantageous for the players and also the participating teams. The conflict then continued when the Louvre petitioned to stop MPL Season 4, which obliged the team to pay up to IDR 15 billion. The amount is not small for a tournament that should be followed on simple terms.

The petition initiated by the Louvre boss was signed by more than 35,000 people. In response to the petition, Moonton also released clarification through posts on Facebook social media accounts. In the post, Moonton explained in detail the future plans related to the development of MPL and also the esports community in Indonesia. This significant investment will be used in full for the benefit of the team and the players. The investment will also be used to support the advancement of esports in Indonesia.

In addition to explaining MPL’s future plans, Moonton firmly stated that he would not hesitate to take legal action against parties defaming Moonton. This statement is, of course, directed at one of the Louvre CEOs who vigorously protested. Then what was Erick Herlangga’s answer?

“Go on undaunted”. That is a sentence that fits Erick Herlangga. The Louvre CEO has announced that he will not be participating in MPL Season 4. In addition, as the initiator of the petition, Erick also responded via Instagram Stories updates.

Based on the Instastory post, Erick said Moonton’s decision to take legal action against him and the 35,000 signatories to the petition was incomprehensible. Erick also said he was not afraid of Moonton’s threats. In his opinion, however, he is serving the future of the esports community itself. That threat also made Erick more determined to meet with Moonton directly to discuss two important matters with Moonton.

Mobile Legends Intercity Championship

Moon tone

We certainly understand Erick’s good intentions, who care more about the performance of the Indonesian athletes participating in the SEA Games. However, the SEA Games championship will take place later this year. This championship also brings Indonesia’s good reputation in the international arena.

In the Instastory post, Erick Moonton also added three claims. First, Moonton must be willing to deposit 50 percent of Rs.140 billion in a bank. It is intended that if one day this game dies and MPL is only run every 2 years, then the owner of each team can get their money back. Second, Erick also asked Moonton to change the payment method. Payments that must be paid off before the MPL are to be replaced by 5 years. Eventually, Erick demanded that the interest item be removed if the team owner was late in paying.

As a person in the world of esports, it is natural for Erick to express his opinion. Basically, Erick and Moonton’s goals are the same, which is to make the Indonesian esports community better. Hopefully there is a middle ground for this problem.

Moonton itself won’t hold a press conference until July 23, 2021. This conference will discuss in depth MPL Season 4 and the current “investments” that have been paid by each participating team. Until that day comes, let’s pray for the best.

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