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List of Indonesian teams & squads for the MPL Invitational 2021

The One Esports Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) invitational event begins this November. Indonesia sends eight teams to battle for the title.

As champion of the MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi has already secured a place in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the other seven Indonesian teams first had to fight for position.

With a long period of time between MPL Indonesia and MPL Invitational, the teams have the opportunity to reshuffle their squad to strengthen their presence.

The following is a list that will come up to represent Indonesia in the upcoming MPLI.

RRQ Hoshi

As the champion of the Indonesian MPL tournament, RRQ Hoshi appears to be quite solid with his current team members namely Alberttt, XINNN, Lemon, R7, Vynnn and Wizzking.

mpl id season 6 rrq hoshi

Genflix Aerowolf

Watt, one of the players on Genflix Aerowolf, will reportedly take a break to focus on streaming. Instead, Bottle will fill in the wattage as the new core in the MPL Invitational.

Bottle himself had become a core part of Aerowolf Jr’s team during the second season of the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) and showed an exceptional performance.

This is used to fill Genflix Aerowolf from Fredo, Rinazmi, Marz, Clay, Jacklee and Bottle.

Geek Fam ID

Unlike some other teams, Geek Fam ID made a significant makeover to the roster, which consisted of Babywww, Schwann, Freeza, Zuns, RenV, and Despair.

Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron Alpha will continue to maintain its list of Matt, Maxx, Renvo, DreamS, Rippo, and TAKA.

Aura fire

Aura Fire will fill its flagship list with Lord HIgh, Qeira, Vaanstrong, Godiva, Druu and Kabuki.

ONIC Esports

It looks like ONIC Esports will feature Sasa, Sanz, Butsss, Rasy, Drian and a new player who just debuted Kiboy. In the meantime Antimage will not appear with ONIC at this MPLI event.

alter ego

With a solid performance in MPL ID Season 6 and a chance to move into the grand finals, Alter Ego won’t be making any changes to the squad. The players who will stand up for this team are Celiboy, Ahmad, LeoMurphy, Pai, Udil and Yam.

Evos legends

Evos Legends announced two new squads, namely LJ, who moved from RRQ Hoshi, and Antimage from ONIC Esports.

The Evos Legends team consists of Wannn, REKT, Rexxy, LJ, Luminaire and Antimage.

The MPL invitation tournament starts on November 27th to December 6th, 2021. Don’t forget to support the Indonesian team against 12 teams from other countries, OK!

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