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List of heroes to use as the newest Hypercarry 2021

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to provide more information on Mobile Legends. This time we are going to discuss the hero that can be used as the newest Hypercarry 2021 in Mobile Legend. Look at that !!.

The following heroes can be used as hypercarry in Mobile Legends Mobile

1. Alucard

Hero Alucard

Alucard is a high life, high damage fighter hero and is easy to use. Alucard has Ability 1 that can jump to a predetermined area and make a blow that deals physical damage to all enemies in the area. In addition, Alucard has Ability 2 that can attack nearby enemies and deal physical damage to the enemy it hits. Alucard has the ultimate ability to absorb the opponent’s energy in a given area, increasing physical life stealing and reducing the target’s movement speed. His passive is activated whenever he deals damage to the target, and during this time he can release a powerful shock wave forward that deals physical damage to the enemy.

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Alucard article

2. Yi Sun Shin

Hero Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin is a sniper assassin hero who specializes in Reap Chase, which is very important this season. Yi Sun Shin has a passive longbow or glaive to attack according to its distance and after each change of weapon the next two attacks are reinforced. So passive that this is the key to Yi Sun Shin’s damaging skill, which is meta in Season 17. Yi Sun Shin has Skill 1 that can attack forward with his sword to deal damage and provide immunity to crowd control when using this skill. Yi Sun Shin also has Ability 2, which allows him to swing his sword or shoot powerful arrows with his bow and activate his passive. Yi Sun Shin also has the ultimate skill that can spend 3 waves of cannon attacks on all enemy heroes. This ultimate ability can not only deal damage to opponents but also open a map to find out the opponent’s location or eliminate the opponent’s dying hero.

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Yi Sun Shin Article

3. Claude

Hero Claude

Claude is a sniper hero who specializes in chest damage and has high damage who has just been buffed by Moonton. Claude has Skill 1 “Art Of Thievery”, which can steal the opponent’s movement speed and attack speed in a fan-shaped area and deal physical damage. Claude increases his own movement and attack speed for a few seconds and Claude’s speed bonus is doubled when he steals speed from enemy heroes. In addition, Claude has Skill 2 “Battle Mirror Image”, which can leave a mirror image of Dexter in a predetermined location and this skill can return to its original place with the mirror image. Claude also has the Ultimate Skill “Blazing Duet” which can continuously damage enemies around Claude and the damage from this attack increases the Full Burst Hit Rate Bonus.

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Claude's objects

4. Ling

Hero Ling

Ling is a hero assassin with extraordinary abilities that allow Ling to jump from wall to wall quickly and move around anywhere on the battlefield. Ling has the Defiant Sword skill that can deal critical damage, and this skill can also deal large burst damage. In addition, Ling has a very deadly ultimate ability that allows him to jump in the air and turn off his swordsmanship and become invincible and move freely and cause a high knock effect area. So this ultimate skill can help the ling avoid fatal damage, and the ling can cause a crowd control effect when hitting an opponent with this ultimate skill. By touching the field eye, Ling can reset Defiant Sword, restore Lightness Point and cause Burst Damage.

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Ling article

5. Brody

Hero Brody

Brody is a hero archer who specializes in chest damage harvesting that has great offense and damage. Brody has a passive that can move when using his basic attack and has an old animation effect when used, giving the enemy a sign to increase their damage. Brody also has Ability 1 that can send out a shock wave in a predetermined direction that deals physical damage and causes a slow effect, leaving a mark on the target. Brody has ability 2 that can cause the enemy to deal physical damage, stun, and give a sign to the target. Then he can change in the given direction and gain additional movement speed. throws smoke bombs, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies. In addition, Brody has the ultimate ability that can lock the target in an area of ​​effect at a certain distance and deal additional physical damage and physical damage according to the mark of the enemy.

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Brody article

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6. Lancelot

Hero Lancelot

Lancelot is a hero assassin that has high burst damage and is easy to use. Lancelot has a stabbing skill that can head towards the enemy at high speed and give the enemy sword mark status to inflict more damage on the enemy. This skill can be used to kill enemy Heroes who are trying to escape because they are dying, or can be used by Lancelot to escape the enemy. In addition, Lancelot has a rose of thorns that can simultaneously perform a three-way attack that forms a triangle. This skill can be your provision to quickly kill minions or torture enemies who are on the same lane with you, especially male heroes.

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Lancelot items

7. Hayabusa

Hero Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a Hero Assassin who specializes in Charge Burst Damage, which has a fairly high level of difficulty. Hero Gusion is a very overpowering hero who can quickly eliminate enemies with solo skills. Hayabusa has ability 1 that can throw 3 shuriken forward that deal damage and slow the enemy. Then Hayabusa has Skill 2 that can go in 4 corners and let Hayabusa move to where his shadow is. In addition, Hayabusa has the ultimate, where Hayabusa in the form of multiple attacks on the body of the enemy continuously becomes a shadow for a period of time.

Build Hayabusa

Hayabusa article

8. Roger

Hero Roger

Roger is a fighter-shooter hero with high damage and medium difficulty. Roger has Ability 1 that can shoot twice quickly, dealing physical damage and causing a slow effect, reducing the opponent’s physical damage. Roger also has Skill 2, which can temporarily increase movement speed. In addition, Roger has the ultimate ability to transform into a wolf to attack aggressively. This transformation into a wolf can be used to inflict high damage on opponents and increase their physical and magical defenses.

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Roger article

9. Career

Hero Karrie

Karrie is a deadly hero archer because he has real damage so the enemy tank becomes weak. Karrie has ability 1 that can spend a flywheel that deals physical damage and inflicts a slow effect on the enemy that inflicts real damage on the enemy. Other than that, Karrie has an ability that moves in the indicated direction while emitting a wheel of light on the nearest enemy and dealing physical damage. Karrie also has the Ultimate Skill, which will go into Dual Wield mode in the next 6 seconds. Her movement speed increases, spending 2 lightwheels on each basic attack and dealing real physical damage so she can easily eliminate her opponents. Karrie by doing real damage ignoring the enemy’s defenses so that the enemy hero becomes soft. Why is this tank user afraid of this hero, because Karrie’s damage ignores the enemy’s armor and breaks it automatically.

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Karrie articles

10. Saber

Hero's saber

Saber is a newly remastered Hero Assassin who specializes in Charge Reap and is easy to use. Saber has ability 1 that can spend 5 flying swords, with each sword dealing physical damage and flying back to the saber, reducing the cooldown of ability 2. Saber also has ability 2, which can charge in a predetermined direction. Saber gains an increased base attack after being charged, dealing physical damage and slowing the target. Saber also has the ultimate skill that can lock the enemy in and inflict an airbone effect on the target. During this time the saber makes 3 consecutive blows.

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Saber items

11. Lesley

Hero Lesley

Lesley is a sniper assassin hero who has very high critical damage, especially in the late game auto win of course. Lesley is a low difficulty sniper hero so those of you new to the game can learn this hero as it is easy to use. Lesley has a critical damage ability that ramps up so she can eliminate enemies in a snap. Lesley has an extraordinary ultimate ability to lock down enemies from a distance and shoot 4 deadly bullets to automatically eliminate dying enemies, guys.

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Lesley article

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12. Aldous

Hero Aldous

Aldous is a fighting hero who specializes in the deadliest burst damage in mobile legends, especially when you get free farms to collect the insane auto stack. Aldous has Skill 1 that can release the energy inside him to power up the next basic attack. If this attack eliminates an enemy unit or hero, the additional damage from this skill is permanently increased. When you attack a minion or a monster, the damage from the enhanced automatic attack increases. In addition, Aldous has the ultimate ability to see the enemy hero’s position for a few seconds. If, during this skill, Aldous uses this skill a second time while this skill is still active, Aldous can rush towards the opponent’s hero and cause a knockback effect. Tips on playing Aldous, you need to be patient to collect as many stacks as you can for the damage to be maximum. Why is the opponent afraid of Aldous in the late game because the damage is like a cheat who has very drastically high damage.

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Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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