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? Linkduit FF, How To Get Diamonds For Free

linkduit ff – you can get fire for free with money link. linkduit is a url shortener that anyone can make money off of. With this money you can get diamonds in the free fire game.

Diamonds in this free fire game can be used for different purposes. starting with the purchase of skins, characters, weapons and other items. With these items you can empower the characters that are played in this free fire game.

Of course, these diamonds vary in price, from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can top up these free fire diamonds at various retailers including Codashop, Unipin, Tokopedia, and other retailers. or you can use the service voucher ff skedebebes, there the price is cheap and worth a try.

What is Linkduit?

Now let’s discuss Linkduit ff, this Linkduit is a site that can generate rupiah tills. With this money, you can buy diamonds free fire, and that means it’s free without spending a penny.

Linkduit Free Fire
Linkduit website for making money

Linkduit can be used by anyone who wants to make money. later you can pay out via linkduit by credit card or bank transfer. With credit you can of course buy the diamonds directly. In order to become a Money Link user, you must first register.

How to register Linkduit

  1. Visit the registration page at
  2. You can fill out all the existing forms such as username, email, password and confirm password.
  3. Then click Register.
  4. Done, you can automatically use the short url feature to receive money.

Register Linkduit to receive free fire diamonds

The way linkduit works is very simple, you can shorten an existing url and then the results of the short url can be shared with everyone. The majority of Linkduit users use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the shortened URL.

When someone clicks on the url, they will visit the website provided by linkduit ff. When you visit the website, you will automatically receive money. currently the price on the shortlink site is 80 rupiah per valid click. So you have to target at least 100 people to get diamonds in the free fire game.

Well, out of 100 people, if you multiply it, you can get 8 thousand rupees worth of money. from 8 thousand you can get 50 diamonds when you buy them on the Codashop website.

These are some discussions on how to get free fire diamonds through Linkduit, hopefully it will be useful.

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