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Ling is in the MLBB New Product Shop

Ling Assassin Mobile Legends, which was just released on the original server, immediately shocked the Land of Dawn. A lot of players resent Ling because this hero is so hard to beatcounter good on early game Still late games. Even Ling became an instant subscriber forbidden in match mode, rank from medium to high level (Epic, Legend and Mythic). Can you imagine Ling being overwhelmed as the new hero on the original Mobile Legends server?

Not all Mobile Legends players are annoyed with Ling, because in fact many are happy with his presence. The reason for this is that some rewards can be claimed permanently after the release of this new assassin. One of them is to draw on the menu Shop new products which enables players to get this Ling hero. With Crystal of Aura, players can draw to try their luck.


For a drawing, players need 10 aura crystals and receive a random reward. Rewards are Rare Skin Fragments, 1-Day Trial Heroes, 7-Day Trial Heroes, and Permanent Heroes are on Shop for new products. Of course, players want an enduring hero from all of the prizes that are provided at the draw. But also other gifts like Rare skin fragments It’s also very interesting when you have the opportunity to get it.

The more often the player draws on the menu Shop for new products, the greater the chance of getting a permanent hero. In addition, players will also receive more prizes as players often pull away Shop for new products. For 5 draws, the player receives 3 Fragment hero, Got 10 ties Zilong skin test, and 25 Magic Dust for 20 draws. For 30 drawings the player receives 6 Rare skin fragments and for 50 drawings you receive 1 magic wheel potion S.


In addition to Ling’s presence on the menu Shop new products, there is also an event Probing that gives quests to players. After the player has completed the specified quest, there are of course rewards that come with Ling as. can be used Role models. There are three quests in the event Probing each quest has a different reward. Trial Ling is an event that gives players quests and requires Ling to complete them.

The first quest requires players to share the results of the game on social media by playing with Ling. It is enough to share once on social media, then the player will receive 2 hero fragments and 2 Test card skins. When you play a match with Ling, there are rewards in the form of 4 Rare Skin Fragments and 30 Magical Dust. Split two match results in any mode, there are rewards in the form of 2 premium skin fragments and 1 BP card.


Although some players resented Ling’s presence on the original server, many players also liked him. Players who like it are Ling users and those looking for rewards through Ling’s post-release events. So Ling is an overpowering hero that most players hate and most others love.

Ling Assassin Mobile Legends, with all of its unique abilities, is growing in popularity. Ling’s appearance is also cool, like a Chinese imperial warrior in a colossal film with a thin long sword weapon. Ling entered the menu Shop new products Mobile Legends as another option for gamers who want it. Do you already have that cool assassin named Ling?

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