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Less than 6 months ago, Genshin Impact has made a profit of Rp. 14.4 trillion

Genshin Impact Update v1.4. (miHoYo) – Genshin Impact is a phenomenon in itself, especially for the mobile game industry. How not, has earned a fantastic income in a short period of time.

The latest report, this open-world RPG action game from miHoYo, is said to have generated revenues of more than 1 billion US dollars or the equivalent of 14.4 trillion Rp.

Interestingly, Genshin Impact’s success for the wireless market was achieved in less than six months. Not from other platforms like PC and PlayStation 4.

Since its release on September 28, 2021, Genshin Impact has successfully earned $ 874 million or Rp.12.6 trillion on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store shopping sites.

According to a report from research firm Sensor Tower for mobile applications on Tuesday (March 30th, 2021), average player spending has been around $ 160 million or rupees 2.3 trillion per month since December 2021.

Genshin Impact - Venti, Tartaglia, Rosaria.  (
Genshin Impact – Venti, Tartaglia, Rosaria. (

As of March 2021, this game created by miHoYo has raised more than 148 million US dollars or 2.1 trillion Rp.

This month is said to be the best moment after October 2021 when the game grossed $ 233.7 million or Rp.3.3 trillion for the mobile version alone.

In the past 30 days, Genshin Impact became the third highest-grossing game behind PUBG Mobile and Tencent’s Honor of Kings.

This game earned the most from Chinese players, generating $ 302 million, or 29.5 percent of global player spending.

Below China is Japan, which collects $ 278.3 million, or 27.2 percent.

Income from online games. [Sensortower]
Income from online games. [Sensortower]

Third came from the United States, which raised approximately $ 189 million, or 18.5 percent of the total.

Apple’s App Store became the largest source of spending from global players with $ 615 million, or 60 percent of total revenue.

Meanwhile, Google Play contributed $ 409.4 million, or 40 percent of player spending.

Compared to other games, Genshin Impact is the fastest game to hit the $ 1 billion milestone in less than six months.

The game is faster than Niantic’s Pokémon GO, which lasted nine months, or NCSoft’s Lineage Mobile, which lasted ten months.

That revenue from Genshin Impact can grow even further when you consider that it’s not only present as a mobile game. But miHoYo plans to bring it to Nintendo Switch on PC and PlayStation 4 as well. ( Prastya).

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