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Latest Weapon Royale FF 2021 how to get it

The newest Weapon Royale ff 2021 – Free Fire has become the most popular battle royale game by players in Indonesia and even the world so far. now. Garena, as the developer of the free fire game, is constantly updating various updates.

In the latest Free Fire Max 4.0 there is a small update regarding weapons that can be used by any Free Fire player in the game against existing enemies. is the latest Weapon Royale update Free Fire 2021.

The current weapon is still a P90 weapon available through the Luck Royale menu.

the newest gun royale ff 2021
Latest gun Royale FF

This P90 gun is ending soon and will be replaced by the newest ff 2021 gun which is the UMP gun, here is the review

Latest gun Royale FF 2021

The UMP weapon in the latest Glück Royale ff 2021 has several attributes that are enough to be used on the battlefield, such as:

  • Armor Penetration +2
  • Rate of Fire +1
  • Reload speed -1

This UMP skin resembles a type of skin and has very cool sparks when used.

Very interesting to try, don’t miss out to get this weapon. Steps to get this Gun Royale ff can be followed as follows.

How to get Weapon Royale FF 2021

To get Gun Royale ff 2021 you can follow several steps as below.

  1. Open the free fire game.
  2. Go to the Lucky Royale menu
  3. When the weapon Royale ff has been updated, don’t forget to prepare a coupon for purchase.
  4. When you have enough, you can buy the Gun Royale.
  5. Waffen Royale is automatically yours and can be used in-game.

The leak of the presence of UMP weapons in this lucky king is getting closer and closer and is present on the Indonesian server. for foreign servers that were first published a few weeks ago. Overall, this gun is really cool to use.

So this is a look at the gun Royale ff 2021, don’t forget to top up the coupon first so you don’t miss it to get this very cool UMP gun.

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