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Latest Mobile Legends Update Patch 1.4.30

Mobile Legends patch 1.4.30 | Games – Moonton has updated its flagship game Mobile Legends. This game entered patch 1.4.30 on the Advance Server. There have of course been many changes in this update.

One of the striking changes in Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.30 is the jungle monster. This patch introduces new monsters and changes to the effects of the monsters currently in the Land of Dawn.

In addition, Moonton has also optimized the tower and crawl constructions in the Mobile Legends patch 1.4.30. They also created a customization block for the CHESS-TD game mode that makes the game even more fun.

Without further ado, let’s see the changes that occurred in Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.30.

Free weekly heroes and new skins

1 # Wanwan’s new hero

  • Wanwan, agile tiger will be available on the original server on November 26, 2021. You can get this hero with 32,000 BP or 599 diamonds. 30% discount for purchases with diamonds in the first week.
  • Wanwan’s new skin, Darting Star, will be in attendance along with the hero’s release on November 26, 2021. You can get this normal skin with 269 diamonds. 30% discount for purchases in the first week.
  • Skin for Wanwan and Darting Star will be available on November 26, 2021 as a “bundle”. 30% discount for purchases in the first week.

2 # New skin tiger

  • Tigreal’s new skin, Lightborn – Defender, will be available on November 22nd, 2021 on the original server. You can get this skin with 1,089 diamonds. 30% discount for purchases in the first week.
  • Tigreal and his new skin, Lightborn – Defender, will be available as a bundle on November 22, 2021. 30% discount for purchases in the first week.

3 # Alucard’s new skin

  • Alucard’s new skin, Lightborn – Striker, will be released on November 22, 2021 on the original server. You can get this skin with 1,089 diamonds. 30% discount for purchases in the first week.
  • Alucard and his new skin, Lightborn – Striker, will be available as a bundle on November 22, 2021. 30% discount for purchases in the first week.

4 # Free Weekly Hero

  • Period November 15-22, 2021: Alice, Alpha, Moskov, Estes, Hylos, Uranus, Martis and Faramis. Additionally for Starlight members: Johnson, Kimmy, Selena, Aldous, Kadita, Granger.
  • Period 22-29 November 2021: Lolita, Diggie, Hayabusa, Hilda, Bruno, Harith, Hanzo, Guinevere. Other Starlight members: Yi Sun-Shin, Karrie, Chou, Martis, Bane, Lunox.

Hero Customizations

Ruby and Yi Sun-Shin have had their skill animation optimized.


Base status

  • Physical defense increased by 7 points at all levels.
  • HP growth has been increased by 30 points at all levels.

Purple flowers

  • The name of the skill has been changed to Sanguine Bats.
  • Adjusted base damage from 75-200 to 100-200.
  • The magic bonus has been increased from 55% to 75%.


  • The additional movement speed has been increased to 60% and decreases very quickly in 3.5 seconds.
  • Skill description optimized again.

Curse of the blood

  • Bonus magic increased from 120% to 160%
  • The movement speed is reduced to 60% and decreases rapidly in 5 seconds.
  • Optimization of skill descriptions.

Vampire pact

Physical and magical defenses stolen from opponents increased from 3-6 to 5-10 each time.


  • Cosmetic spear: Area effect of the skill increased.
  • Imperial justice: The charge level has been removed, and now Silvana can jump into the target area and take out multiple enemies from the circle of light.


Flower of light

  • Belerick has a certain chance of attacking an enemy when they take a certain amount of damage.
  • Skill damage has been increased dramatically.

Wrath of thorns

  • Belerick releases Vine in the direction we indicated, dealing magical damage to enemies along the path and giving them a mocking effect.
  • Deals additional damage to minions.

Strike of nature

  • Belerck does not lose an H. when using this skill.

Battlefield adjustments

Creep’s attributes and jungle rewards have been adjusted again. In this way, the hero who catches the jungle will have a different effect again. With this change, the game strategy will of course change again, especially in the case of farm problems.

EXP and Gold Customization of Creep:

Small crab added
  • This monster appears after the game lasts 45 seconds.
  • This monster will appear where the Side Lane Crab is.
  • Players who successfully kill Little Crab will receive more gold.
  • Little Crab’s update time is 15 seconds.
  • Little Crab turns into a real crab after the game lasts 90 seconds.
  • The attributes and bonuses received from the original crab are the same as before.
Observation turtle added
  • The observation turtle appears when the game has lasted 35 seconds.
  • This monster appears in the bushes near the river in each half of Mid Lane.
  • Heroes who successfully kill the Observation Turtle receive the same gold and EXP bonuses and buff regeneration as other creeps.
  • The update time of this monster is 120 seconds.
Core Guard (Buff 1)

General changes:

  • Base HP reduced,
  • Basic attack and magic defense are increased so that this monster becomes stronger.
  • The initial spawn time has been reduced from 33 seconds to 30 seconds. So this monster will appear faster.

Buff setting:

  • Causes slow eek in the opponent,
  • Deals true damage when damage is dealt to opponents.
  • This effect has a cooldown for a certain amount of time.

Buff effect on heroes:

  • When tank / assassin / fighter heroes get this buff, they will cause a stronger slowing effect but deal less damage.
  • If a mage / marksman / support hero receives this buff it will deal a lot of damage, but the slowing effect will be weaker.
Statue shocker

General changes:

  • Base HP and HP growth reduced,
  • Base attack and physical defense increased,
  • The appearance time has been reduced from 33 to 30 seconds.

Buff setting:

  • Reduce cooldown,
  • Saves the mana / energy consumption of all skills,
  • Restores HP after eliminating units for units.
Statuette hunter
  • The initial spawn has been reduced from 33 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Base HP and HP growth increased
  • Normal attack and attack growth reduced
Purple Lizard
  • The basic attribute is derived.
  • When his HP is less than 50%, his defense increases.
  • The basic attributes are reduced.
  • Once eliminated, a small crammer will form for some time.
  • If players get a turtle buff with less than 30% HP, they will quickly receive a shield that can absorb large amounts of damage (increases with hero level).
  • The turtle buff disappears when the shield is obtained


  • Unique Jungle Tier 1 Passive Item – Greed: Reduces EXP after eliminating creeps from 20% to 15%.
  • Passive for level 2/3 jungle items – Greed: Reduces EXP after eliminating creeps from 30% to 25%.
  • Unique Level 3 Jungle Passive Items: Level 3 damage increased from 30% to 40%.

Game mode: CHEST-TD 2.0: Arrival of the dragon

This mode has been optimized again, both in gameplay and in the system.

  • Mortal Synergy has been changed to Scholarship Synergy. Heroes: X.Borg, Layla and Diggie.
  • Oracle was changed to Northern Vale Synergy. Heroes: Franco and Aurora
  • Western Desert Synergy has been changed to Dragon Altar Synergy. Effect: Every time the hero spends a skill, the attack is increased by a percentage and can be stacked up to 10 times.
  • Synergy 6 Mage’s damage has been reduced from 2.5x to 2.2x attack.
  • Synergy 4 tank damage reduced from 0.05 Max HP Bonus to 0.04 Max HP Bonus.
  • Synergy 4 Elves’ damage has been increased slightly from 100% to 120%.
  • Synergy 6 Fighter’s damage has been increased slightly from 66% to 70%.
  • New heroes added
  • X.Borg of Eruditio, a fighter for 1 gold.
  • Diggie from Erudion, support for 2 gold.
  • Elf hero Bellerick, tank costs 3 gold.
  • Zilong from the dragon altar, fighter / assassin for 2 gold.
  • Cyan Finch from the dragon altar, assassin for 3 gold.
  • Franco from Northern Vale, tank costs 2 gold,
  • Aurora from Northern Valley, magician for 3 gold.
Hero customization
  • Hayabusa: Cost reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Eliminate the following heroes: Ruby, Gusion, Selena, Kaja, Kadia, Roger and the Minotaur.
  • Exclusive interface added.
  • New features added including the division system and the post-game page.
  • New content added to the CHESS-TD: Attack Synergy gallery as well as hero details and tips.
  • A new page has been added where players can select Commander.
  • Optimizing the display of interest and sales information.
  • Optimizing Hero Upgrades in Battlefield. Tap the upgrade button to increase the hero’s capacity and the corresponding gold will be used immediately.
  • The display of 3-star hero HP bars on the battlefield has been optimized.
  • Optimize tutorials.
  • Added leaderboard in CHESS TD mode.

Imperial sanctuary

  • Tower and base optimization on this map.
  • The special effects of the map and the appearance of creeps have been optimized.

New events and functions

  • How to cancel the use of skills has been added. We can set it in the settings.
  • Arcade mode is displayed differently.

System adaptation

  • We can claim all the rewards with one tap on the daily quest.
  • Watch history added on livestream, Go to Liverream – Follow to check it out.
  • The real-time performance of Trending Point in the live stream has been adjusted.


This Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.30 update will actually mean that the game strategy will have to change again. This is of course due to the appearance of new monsters and the buff effect of each jungle.

Image source: Dafrixkun & ml_leak

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