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Latest best build Minsitthar The Strongest and Strongest 2021

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Today, at the request of viewers, I’m sure to give you more inside information about the heroes of Mobile Legends. This time around, I’m giving the best Minsitthar build in Mobile Legends.

Best Minsitthar Builds 2021

Minsitthar is a hero fighter specializing in crowd control initiator that has a lot of CC and is easy to use. Minsitthar has a lot of crowd control skills that can make it difficult for opponents. Ranging from common abilities to the ultimate ability that can summon 4 guards to fight even though they cannot move, but this ability can lock the opponent so that they cannot spend their blink abilities so they can be eliminated. Although Minsitthar is a fighter hero, he can also be used as a tanker depending on the situation and the needs of the team fight.

Explanation of the Minsitthar Skill

Skill 1 spear of glory
Minsitthar stabs forward with the spear of glory, dealing damage to all enemies in his path. When he withdrew his Spear of Glory, he also drew the first opponent known as the Spear of Glory.

Skill 2 shield attack
Minsitthar unleashes his power forward and instantly gains a shield, stunning the first target hit and knocking back other enemies.

Ultimate King’s Call Ability
Minsitthar charges forward a short distance and summons 4 Royal Guards to form an area and fight by his side. Opponents in this area cannot use the Directed Blink skill.

All of United’s passive skills
If Minsitthar or his teammates eliminate the opponent’s hero, he or his teammates will receive additional gold.

Here are the items for the brave warrior hero of Minsitthar.

Warrior boots
The first item in Minsitthar Build is a warrior boot item. This item is an armor shoe that can increase Minsitthar’s physical defense and movement speed. These armor shoes can safely harden further against physical attacks by the enemy.

Endless struggle
The second item in Minsitthar Build is the Endless Battle item. This item can increase the basic attacks of its users. When Minsitthar uses this item, he can increase his base attack and physical attack as additional real damage to the opponent. This item also provides a very important physical lifesteal for this Minsitthar hero. In addition, Endless Battle is also Physical, HP, additional cooldown reduction. With the help of this item, Minsitthar can farm in the forest or restore HP by attacking creeps and dealing maximum damage to the enemy.

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Blade of Despair
The third item in Minsitthar’s build is the Despair Blade item. Items are physical items that can cause drastic physical damage. With this item, Minsitthar can inflict high physical damage on the enemy. This allows Minsitthar to easily eliminate opponents. Also, if Minsitthar encounters an enemy whose HP is low, this item will increase additional physical attacks on Minsitthar so that Minsitthar will be feared by enemies in the game.

Thunder belt
The fourth item in Minsitthar Build is an item from the Thunder Belt. This item is a defense item that can increase physical defense and also deal real damage. In addition, after using the skill, this item will deal real damage to the enemy on the next basic attack, and the enemy and units around it will take this damage and also cause a slow effect on the enemy. This item also offers a reduction in mana regeneration, HP, and cooldown, so Minsitthar can use this item to deal damage to enemies and increase defense more.

Brute frozen breastplate
The fifth item in Minsitthar’s build is a Brute Froce Breastplate item. Item is a defense item that can provide Minsitthar with additional HP and physical defense. In addition, when Minsitthar uses abilities or simple attacks, this item can increase movement speed and increase physical and magical defense. So with this item, Minsitthar can have high defense.

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Athena’s shield
The final item in Minsitthar’s build is Athena’s shield. This item is a defense item that can provide extra HP and magical defense and HP regeneration. This item must be used by the Minsitthar hero in addition to providing extra HP and magical defense, he can also provide a shield that can absorb the opponent’s damage, so Minsitthar is not easy to defeat.

Build Minsitthar Fighters

Build Minsitthar Strong in 2021

Build Minsitthar tanks

Strongest Minsitthar build in 2021

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