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Laptop lcd dead how to solve it?

Laptop LCD Off Not On. The laptop part that is most susceptible to damage if the laptop is not handled properly is the laptop LCD or screen. LCD, or liquid crystal display, is a reflective medium that uses liquid crystals to display images. The purpose of LCD on a laptop is to display the output in the form of an image on a laptop screen.

There are several problems appearing on the laptop LCD, namely nothing can be displayed or the LCD is turned off even though the machine is turned on by the laptop. In order to be able to solve this problem, it is necessary to find out some new causes that can solve the dead laptop LCD problem.

Some Causes of Dead or Damaged Laptop LCDs

Laptop LCD is off
  • The laptop screen is damaged

Usually occurs due to hardware failure that causes the laptop to overheat and damage the screen. Another cause is that the laptop does not fall and the components on the screen panel are damaged. In addition, damage can occur if we park the laptop carelessly or even put heavy loads on it.

  • There is a problem with the laptop’s RAM

Damage to RAM can cause the laptop LCD to die or the output cannot be displayed on the laptop screen. Although RAM is basically one of the hardware that is rarely damaged, using a laptop that consumes more memory can damage the RAM so that the image does not appear on the LCD.

  • Damage to the laptop flex cable

This damage is common when using a laptop with careless opening and closing of the laptop. The function of this cable is to carry data signals from the motherboard and graphics card to the LCD screen. So if it is damaged, the laptop screen will not be able to display the output image from the computer.

If it is overheated, it can interfere with the laptop’s hardware and prevent it from running normally. Hence, this can result in the laptop screen LCD hardware not displaying anything or the screen turning off.

Multiple ways to overcome a dead or damaged laptop LCD

Laptop LCD

Now that you understand some of the causes that occur, you need to find a way to overcome them. The following ways can solve problems on laptop LCDs:

1. Repair or replace RAM

How to fix the RAM so that you can turn the LCD back on by removing it and then removing the pins in the RAM component. After that, plug it back into the RAM slot if it still can’t try to plug it into another RAM slot. If it still does not work or the laptop screen still does not turn on, the RAM may be defective.

2. Make settings on the screen

Some common cases are when the laptop screen suddenly goes blank. To fix the problem, all you need to do is connect to the monitor and then press the Windows keyboard combination key + p. Then select PC screen only or extend. Then the screen will appear if it is not damaged.

3. Update the VGA driver

Sometimes drivers that are not updated are interfering with the hardware or causing hardware problems because they are unsupported and causing system crashes that cause the laptop’s screen to go dark. To work around this, you need to update the driver on the VGA driver.

4. Quiet laptop for a few hours

If you experience overheating of the laptop hardware, it can also affect the performance of the laptop, causing the laptop to shut down suddenly when the engine is hot. Then when the laptop screen restarts it still won’t turn on or display nothing. So it is necessary to let it rest for a while so that the laptop does not heat up so that the hardware components can run normally again.

5. Replace the laptop LCD screen

The last option is to take it to a service center and then replace the LCD.

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That was the discussion about laptop LCDs that suddenly died or were damaged. So that it can help in overcoming problems in the LCD. Hopefully useful, friend Vexa Game.

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