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Kamehameha Build Gord Strong 2021

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I will be giving Build Gord Strong in Mobile Legends in 2021.

Build Gord Strong 2021

Gord is a hero mage who specializes in less desirable poke chests that have high damage and are easy to use. Gord has Ability 1 that can throw a mystical projectile that bounces forward in a predetermined area, dealing magical damage and causing a stun effect to the enemy it hits. Gord also has ability 2 that can summon an energy field in a certain area that continuously deals magical damage for a period of time. In addition, Gord has the ultimate ability of Energy Blast shooting continuously in a predetermined direction, continuously dealing high magical damage and causing a slow effect on the enemy it hits. Although Gord had extraordinary skills, Gord also needed suitable and suitable items. The following is the build of the Strongest Gord 2021 in Mobile Legends. Look at that!.

The following items are Hero Gord Professor of the Mystics.

Demon shoes
The first item in Build Gord is Demon Shoes. This item is a shoe that can restore mana. So this item is very suitable for the hero Gord, who always does damage by using skills so as not to run out of mana. Well, for those of you who are using this Hero Gord, you have to use this Demon Shoe item.

Frozen wand
The second item in Build Gord is an ice queen wand. This item can slow down the enemy. This ice queen wand is very suitable for this gord hero who has great damage so it requires slow items for the opponent to take sustained damage from this gord hero. This item allows you to deal full damage to enemy Heroes affected by this item’s slowdown so that the enemy can be eliminated. In addition to a slowing effect, the item also offers additional magical power, mana, movement speed and also magical lifesteal, so that it is really suitable for this hero gord.

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Glowing wand
The third item in Build Gord has a glowing wand item. This item is suitable for Gord as it can deal bonus damage that inflicts a burn or fire effect on enemies affected by damage for 3 seconds. Obtaining this item and using a skill on a dying enemy will definitely eliminate the enemy as this glowing wand item does extra fire damage and can increase if it deals damage to the same hero for all of Gord’s skills in a short amount of time.

Holy crystal
The fourth item in Build Gord is a Holy Crystal Item. This item is a magical item with high power, namely Holy Crystal. This item can increase the damage significantly and also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Gord, who can do a lot of damage to the enemy.

Genius wand
The fifth item in Build Gord is a Genius Wall item. This item is an item that can decrease the enemy’s magical defense. In addition, along with moving speed, this item can give magical power and also give magical magical penetration to the enemy. This item is suitable for Gord and not only does great damage, but it can also reduce the opponent’s magical defense, making the opponent easy to eliminate. When you have received this Genius Wand item, you should be prepared that the enemy can be eliminated quickly as the item can reduce its magical defense.

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Winter club
The final item in Build Gord is the Winter Baton item. Items are magical items that can provide extra magical power, physical defense, and extra HP. In addition, items can also freeze when in use. If Gord activates this freezing effect, Gord cannot do anything, but receives an immune effect against all damage and weakening. So that this item can help Gord if he uses a combo skill incorrectly or wants to be kidnapped, you can press this item so that no damage can penetrate, so that it is not eliminated.

This is the Strongest Gord 2021 build

Article Gord Strong 2021

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