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Kaesang: Free Fire Game is ordered as a caster, sloppy

Kaesang Pangarep. (Twitter / @kaesangp) – The Gibran Mas Cup Free Fire eSports competition held at the Diamond Convention Center Solo from December 28-29, 2021 left a fun moment. One of the fun moments was when Kaesang was asked to be a game commentator, or caster, for the third game of the finals.

Previously, Kaesang also received the challenge of becoming an MC during the Mas Gibran Cup meet and greet event.

After Kaesang became an MC with a “rough” appearance, he was immediately asked to become a shoutcaster with Elhaya.

Before the match, Kaesang admitted that he had never been a caster in a big match, so he asked for mentoring.

One of the fun moments came when Elhaya asked how Kaesang was feeling when he saw the Free Fire game.

Kaesang while participating in the Gibran Mas Cup.  (
Kaesang while participating in the Gibran Mas Cup. (

Quite funny, Kaesang actually quipped, saying Free Fire is a “dotted game”.

But wait, the word doesn’t have a negative meaning, but Kaesang really likes it.

Can you be honest Is there a Garena person or not? So it’s not good. Free Fire itself is actually a bad game, just not bad. Bad but not badsaid Kaesang.

Elhaya herself looked embarrassed as she continued her next question to Kaesang.

Fortunately, Kaesang’s statement wasn’t offensive because he actually liked the game too.

Kaesang as caster in the Mas Gibran Cup.  (YouTube / Kaesang)
Kaesang as caster in the Mas Gibran Cup. (YouTube / Kaesang)

There are also many people out there who spend money on Free Fire. That’s why I like Free Fire“Added Kaesang.

During a conversation with Elhaya, Kaesang admitted that he was very interested in the appearance of clothes from Free Fire that looked different from the next game.

Then, one by one, Elhaya explained the uses of the clothing features and also the special items that each character can wear.

Kaesang admits that after being a pro at MOBA games for a long time (albeit rarely played), he is considering joining Free Fire.

Elhaya seemed to be very fluent in describing the course of the game, but Kaesang actually “screwed it up” with a funny joke.

When players are busy looting, Kaesang actually gives a pretty absurd speech.

This is alter ego and EVOS has been told to just give in to the team at Solo. Why not shoot right away? If the player dies quickly, I’ll go straight home. I haven’t eaten since yesterday“said Kasang.

Kaesang’s hilarious actions kept the audience entertained, and even the MC had time to joke Kaesang’s “skills” when he was a caster.

It looks very clear that Elhaya understands the game while Mas Kaesang understands … Let’s move on, okay?“Said the MC with a laugh.

Kaesang, who joked a lot at the Free Fire eSports Competition, the Mas Gibran Cup, made the event very exciting and lively.

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