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Jungle Mobile Legends Project Tips Next: Hero Pick and Rotation

With Project Next Mobile Legends there are many meta changes in the competition and ranking area. In the past, the 1-3-1 Hyper Carry strategy was often used. However, with additional changes to the EXP lane as well as gold and jungle items, the importance of jungler roles in MLBB is also taken into account.

Well, one of the most effective META strategies right now is the 1-1-1-2 strategy, where the team relies on a jungler hero. After that you usually occupy the shooter in the gold lane with tanks / support, magicians in the middle lane and hunters / tanks in the EXP lane. For now, we’re focusing on discussing the META Jungler Mobile Legends tips, from hero picking to the best jungle rotation.

The best heroes for the jungle are heroes who can spend their own jungle and rotation with sufficient mobility. Think of the keyword “independent”.

Now in MLBB there are two types of jungle heroes to choose from: range and melee.

Best melee hero for the jungle

yu zhong ml
Image source: Moonton

Melee heroes are generally fighters and assassins. They are usually very superior early in the game, although sometimes their performance degrades towards the end of the game (especially on push towers).

Most types of fighters can generally be used as junglers in the current meta. Just make sure you use other strong carry, like Layla and Cecilion.

When choosing an assassin jungle, be sure to choose a medium lane with a good range. Some of them are Pharsa and Cecilion. This makes it easier for you to suppress the enemy without forcing the five heroes into a tower or turtle fight.

For the best melee jungle heroes including Ling, Saber, Selena, Jawhead, Barats, Yu Zhong, Karina, and Alucard.



Best hero range for the jungle

Claude Mobile Legends
Image source: Moonton

Unlike close combat, ranged heroes can attack from a distance. Generally the types used are mage and sniper. The hero can usually get through the jungle quickly and has the potential to create a snowball effect.

Examples of the best heroes in the Jungle franchise include Harith, Cyclops, YSS, Roger, and Claude

If you go for a ranged hero whose performance tends to degrade at the end of the game, like Roger and YSS, you can easily combine him with a middle-range hero.


The 8 best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends, the most important Legend

META Jungle Mobile Legends Tips

1. Don’t complete jungle level 3 items on some heroes

Yes, level 3 jungle items can be useful for jungle heroes. But not all junglers need it. It will even be counterproductive if you finish too early.

For example Claude and Harith. Some of these heroes don’t have much benefit from jungle items. It is better to use 900 gold to complete the main items like the demon hunter sword and the calamity reaper.

2. Use the jungle emblem

Jungle emblem is one of the emblems that are often looked down on. But actually this emblem can be useful for your jungle heroes as it offers bonus damage and attack speed.

If you are using the Veteran Hunter talent on the jungle emblem, there is a chance that you will complete the level 2 jungle item before you get the second buff. In addition, your hero can effectively clean up the jungle with bonus gold!

Tips for jungle rotation in Mobile Legends

1. Select which lane should be prioritized for ganking

Select the track to be prioritized

First determine the direction of rotation using the map.

Are you going to gank bots in Gold Lane because the shooter is in that lane and you want to help them increase the potential for the snowball effect?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with either. What is certain is that you need to prioritize one in order to determine the starting position of your jungle.

2. Clean center with no jungle objects

At the beginning of the game, open the shop and pre sales Jungle elements that you want to use in the priority / recommendation list. But make sure you don’t buy it.

After you overcome the first wave, buy the jungle item and then move in the opposite direction to the ganking street you selected at the start of the game. For example, if you start on the bottom track, you can move to the top of the middle track. And vice versa. This strategy can help you effectively clear the jungle and make it easier to get onto the trail of your choice.

3. Crayfish

Mobile legends of river crabs

Wait 35 seconds into the game and kill River Crab when he appears by your side. If you can’t find a river crab spawn, head straight to the jungle.

4. End the buff + a camp

If you start with a blue buff, end the buff and go straight to the red jungle area. Do not touch the bearing at the top of the blue buff as this will slow down the rotation.

If you start with a red buff, kill the camp at the top of the red buff, go to the red buff area, and then to the blue jungle area.

By the time you’ve completed the blue buff, red buff, and a camp, you should be at level 4.

5. Gank Lane

For most heroes, level 4 is pretty important. Signal one of your laners then you can begin initiation and try to get kills.

If you manage to kill / escape the enemy laner make sure you destroy the tower and get bonus gold.

6. Kill other jungle camps before the next buff

Look at your minimap and set the direction for another jungle farm camp 2 minutes and 50 seconds ago. After that, go back and complete the buff and get ready for the turtle.

If you need to give buffs to other players / shooters, do so. The important thing is to win! By following these jungle rotation tips, you will increase your chances of dominating the game.

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