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Jota FF: How to Get Free Character and Skill Reviews

Jota FF Party – Recently, Free Fire players have been shocked by the new characters that are available. Indonesian players may already be familiar with all of the new characters Garena presents that can be played by any Free Fire player. The character is named Jota. jota itself comes from the name of an actor from Indonesia, namely Joe Taslim.

Yes, it’s true that Garena worked with Joe Taslim as the Free Fire Brand Ambassador. even include it in the game being played.

This is very interesting as the greatest freefire players are from Indonesia. certainly interested in being able to use this newest character.

Iota of free fire
Iota Free Fire characters

but before you use the iota ff sign. the player has to get it first. For those of you who don’t know how to get iota ff signs, you can see several options below.

How to Get Jota Free Fire Characters

In order to receive Jota’s character for free, players must attend an event created by Garena. the event is called Jadi Jota. This event can be followed from March 16-29, 2021.

At the iota party, you have to collect gold helmet tokens. From a total of 7 rounds that each player makes, a total of 21 golden helmet markers must be collected.

How do I get Goldhelm tokens? To get it, you have to complete the mission every day. You can generate a total of 7 gold helmet markers for a maximum of one day. That means it will take us up to 3 days to get this iota character.

If so, you can exchange the Goldhelm token so that it can be exchanged for Joe Taslim or Jota characters.

Jota’s character skills

You could say that this iota ff character has qualified skills, for example, when we reach the maximum level, we automatically get 40 XP. Also, this iota character is very strong when used to play against enemies.

So these are some ways to get characters and check skills from this free Fire iota.

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