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Jordan FF shoes released, when will it be out? Here are the event details

Jordan FF Shoes Release – Jordan shoes are known to many Free Fire players as one of the coolest and most difficult shoes to get.

Because these Jordan FF shoes are hard to come by because Garena took them out of the shop.

There is good news for anyone craving for Jordan Free Fire shoes.

Because supposedly Jordan Free Fire shoes are supposed to be released again at an event. This event is also available on the Indonesian server so you can get it too.

Jordan Free Fire Shoes Event

The Jordan Free Fire shoes that will be presented shortly are actually part of a bundle.

These Jordan shoes will later be combined into a bundle called the Modern Jazz Bundle.

You can get this Modern Jazz Bundle at the upcoming Collection Party event.

In addition to Jordan shoes, this modern jazz bundle is also equipped with tops, bottoms and super cute hats.

When will Jordan FF shoes be released in Indonesia?

Jordan FF shoes and the Modern Jazz Bundle can be purchased from June 15, 2021. The Collection Party event to receive Jordan shoes will only be open until June 21, 2021.

That means you only have six days to receive your Jordan FF shoes and the Modern Jazz Bundle.

You can join the Modern Jazz Collection Party event right away if you would like to receive Jordan shoes and the Modern Jazz Bundle.

How to get Jordan Free Fire shoes on Indonesian server

To get hold of Jordan shoes, you have to do a lap at the Collection Party Event.

In this spin event you will be given two spin options, namely 1 regular spin and 1 special spin.

If you choose to do a one-off specialty spin, you will definitely get the grand prizes that were provided, including the Modern Jazz Bundle.

The price for 1x Special Spin is 79 diamonds, while 1x Regular Spin costs 20 diamonds (50% discount for the first 3 spins).

What is the price of Jordan shoes at the latest FF event?

The price of Jordan shoes at the Collection Party is very different because it depends on your luck in turning.

To get Jordan shoes through a special spin, you need at least 79 diamonds.

You can spend a maximum of 1,975 to 2,370 diamonds to get the Full Modern Jazz Bundle through a special spin.

For this you can prepare diamonds for Gacha, Jordan shoes and this Modern Jazz FF Bundle

This time around, don’t miss the Collection Party event if you’re looking to shop for Jordan FF shoes. That’s all and hopefully you get a Modern Jazz Bundle including Jordan FF shoes.

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