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Invite nostalgic players, Garena showcases Ragnarok content in Free Fire

Ragnarok collaboration with Free Fire. (Garena) – Garena announced a partnership with Gravity by bringing Ragnarok content to players on Free Fire, a mobile game featuring the world’s most popular battle royale genre.

This collaboration gives players in Indonesia and around the world access to the in-game content of Ragnarok, a game that has proven successful with gamers across generations.

“Creating an unforgettable gaming experience with Free Fire is our priority. Now we’re realizing that commitment by working with Ragnarok to bring relevant content that players will enjoy as a game loved by many communities around the world. said Harold Teo, producer of Free Fire Garena.

“We see similarities between Ragnarok and Free Fire. Both are games most loved by gamers for generations around the world, ”continued Harry Choi, PT’s global gravity business director and vice president. Gravity GameLink. “Free Fire is the most played mobile game in the world and we are sure that the existence of Ragnarok, which was in the hearts of gamers, will be enjoyed by many.” he added.

Ragnarok collaboration with Free Fire.  (Garena)
Ragnarok collaboration with Free Fire. (Garena)

Players will be able to enjoy Ragnarok-themed content on Free Fire starting March 11, 2021. In addition, players can purchase favorite characters such as Assassin Cross, Poring and Mr. Smile Mask at various (or get them for free under certain conditions) and use events starting March 13, 2021.

In addition, players can own a poring hat in the “Give Your Friends a Poring Hat!” Special event. by inviting friends to register an account with Free Fire. The poring hat will be added to inventory after the player logs into the Free Fire application again.

This collaboration aims to improve the gaming experience for players, including players in Indonesia.

Currently, Free Fire has become one of the most popular games in Indonesia and many well-known esports teams in the country have created a special division to play Free Fire. In the future, Free Fire will continue to encourage players to perform at their best in order to strengthen the Indonesian esports industry, which is internationally competitive.

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