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Instructions Nana Mobile Legend Best Build

Instructions Nana Best Build

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today, as usual, I’ll give you a review and information about the Nana Mobile Legends Guide.
This nana is a support mage who has the ability to poke crowd control which is pretty annoying folks! So Nana’s passive ability represents Molina’s gift. When Nana takes fatal damage, Nana transforms into Molina and is immune to all damage and her movement speed increases and regenerates HP. With this ability, Nana isn’t easy to eliminate, it’s annoying folks. The hero ability has a long cooldown so you have to be careful when using Nana guys.

Discussion about Nana’s hero skills

Skill 1 “Magical Boomerang”
Throws magical boomerang in the specified direction, dealing damage and slowing all enemies affected by Nana’s boomerang.

Skill 2 “Molina Cuddling”
Nana invokes Molina’s power in a specific area. After a while, Molina 1 will lock enemy hero, chase him and transform and slow him down. Well this skill makes you angry when you meet Nana’s opponent, this skill will cancel all of your abilities.

Ultimate ability “Molina Blitz”
Nana summons Molina to attack the designated area three times. This skill can do a lot of damage when all the skills can hit the enemy, and this skill can give a slow effect to the enemy, Nana’s enemy. After learning about this Nana hero’s skills, I will tell you which items are suitable for the raccoon in this Nana Mobile Legends Best Build Guide.

So right now, here are the articles, check this out.

1. Demon shoes
Well, this shoe item can restore mana. So this item is very suitable for Nana’s hero, who always does damage by using skills so as not to run out of mana. Well, for those of you who want to use Nana, you have to use this demon shoe item folks!

2. Lightning stick
This lightning stick item is very suitable for that Nana hero folks. With this item you can generate additional DPS if you are successfully injured
Enemies with an ability of yours that jump damage guys. Wow, because of the DPS, Nana’s damage gets bigger and jumps. The item also offers additional mana and cooldown reductions, making it really suitable for this nana.

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3. Glowing wand
This item is suitable for Nana as it can inflict damage to the damaged enemy that inflicts a burn effect for 3 seconds. Obtaining this item and using a skill on a dying enemy will definitely eliminate the enemy as this glowing wand item does additional burning damage and can increase if you re-deal damage to the same hero for all of your skills in a short amount of time. Especially if you can conduct
The Ultimate that you use correctly will be able to defeat the enemy hero faster and faster.

4. Necklace of the Durance
This item must be used by the hero nana build mage and build support. This item can reduce the enemy’s life steal when you deal damage with a skill, the item also has cooldown reduction status and also magical life steal. So this nana is the mage assist type that has a very good combination to kill a group or an enemy very quickly. Wow so when you use it
This “Necklace of Endurance” item is ready when the enemy cannot regenerate their HP and be defeated. So with this combination of Molina Blitz and Magic Boomerang you can easily kill enemy heroes.

5. Holy crystal
This Holy Crystal Item can significantly increase the damage and also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Nana who can do a lot of damage to the enemy guys !.

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6. Immortality
Immortality The next and final point in this Nana Guide. Do you need the function of this item to be correct? Yupss this item can revive the hero after defeating and gain a little HP and can also provide a shield that lasts 3 seconds. It is a defense. This item is very mandatory for all heroes as it can level up again after a defeat, guys!

Build Nana Mage

Nana magician

Build nana support

Nana support

So that was the Nana Mobile Legend Best Build Guide, folks that you can mimic and use for this Nana Hero that is very meta in season 16.
Hopefully it will be useful and by using this nana you can use this item properly.

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