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How to wake up Hayato with these tips

How to Get Hayato Awakening – You have the option to get Hayato Awakening by completing the missions below.

The Hayato Awakening Event was recently presented by Garena Free Fire. Perhaps the majority of Free Fire players can’t wait for this event to start as there are several prizes to be won in the 2021 Free Fire Awaking Hayato Event mode.

On August 19, 2021, the Hayato Awaking character will be released on the Indonesian server and will be sought by Freefire players in order to be able to obtain the character.

The bundle presented by the Hayato Awakening character is cool too, including the hair that looks like Hayato’s character is terrifying.

Typically, Hayato characters usually have passive skills, but by using Hayato Firebrand characters they can become active. otherwise this character can sound exactly like Jota’s character.

How to get Hayato Awakening
Hayato Awakening character

This Hayato Firebrand character can be obtained by completing the Hayato Awakening Mission. There are some players who are complaining about how to complete the mission and get the awakening Hayato character in free fire? we discuss this as follows.

Hayato Awakening Free Fire Mission

There are 4 missions that must be completed before you can get the Hayato Awakening Character in Free Fire 2021. Here is a list of the missions and steps to complete them.

First mission

Use a weapon in all modes (except Custom Rooms) and inflict 16000 damage on the enemy, that is the description in this first mission. To complete this mission, you can play in any mode, whether in the ranked, classic or clash squad.

Your job is to play along Gun King mode, In one game you must do at least 6,000 damage or defeat 20 opponents. means that you have to take 6,000 damage in 3 games King of Arms mode.

Second mission

Kill 3 players with a katana in all modes except custom rooms. The tips are that you can play the Kalahari map in Classic mode, to be precise Solo squad.

The task is to kill 3 players with a katana weapon. If you’re lucky enough to get a bot enemy, it’s even better as it’s pretty easy to fight bots than the original free-fire player.

Third mission

Kill 10 enemies in all modes (except Custom Rooms) if your health is below 100. You can play in Gun King mode like in the first mission.

Fourth mission

Get Booyah 10 times in any mode (except Custom Room). this fourth mission. The tips, you can play Clash Squad Bermuda or Kalahari as many new players are playing in this mode.

If the four missions can now be carried out successfully, you can claim the awakening Hayato character

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