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How to Use Timestamp Camera for Free

How to Use Timestamp Camera Free – Timestamp Camera Free is an application that allows you to automatically add captions such as date and address to a photo.

Since captions can be automatically added to photos, this application is widely used for online attendance and reporting.

You can also add custom maps, compasses, logos, and text to photos using the Timestamp Camera application.

How to Use Timestamp Camera for Free
Timestamp camera for free

Using this application, there is no need to manually edit photos to add details as mentioned above.

There are special settings you need to enable if you want to add a map, compass, and logo to a photo.

We’ll tell you which settings you can make in the timestamp camera if you want to display the compass, logo and map.

How to use the timestamp app Camera free

How to use Timestamp Camera Free:

  1. First, install the application from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. When the installation process is complete, you can open the application directly. Don’t forget to turn on your location or GPS first as this app uses the location function to find your address automatically.
  3. By default, this application shows the camera with additional information about the date, time and also the full address.
  4. If the information is incomplete, you can press the settings button to the right of the record button.
  5. Turn on Show map and Show compass settings to show compass and map on photos.
  6. You can add additional text to the photo by filling in the custom text in the camera viewing field. You can fill in the column with your name or other information.
  7. If you want to add a logo, you can click the Import Watermark Logo button and then select the logo that you want to appear on the photo.
  8. Check whether the address shown in the settings is correct or not. If it doesn’t match, you can change the address manually. If it is appropriate, you can immediately press the OK button.
  9. You just take the picture you want by pressing the capture button. In this way, the photos you take will contain additional information in the form of a map, compass, location, time, date and logo.

How to use Timestamp Camera Free. We hope you find the information we provide about this application useful. That’s all for this item, good luck!

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