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How to use the PUBG mobile assault rifle weapon

How to use PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle Weapons, players from the PUBG Mobile game must already know about the Assault Rifle Weapon (AR). The assault rifle is one of the most flexible weapons you can use. This weapon can cover all distances, which is one of the advantages of this type of weapon.

Despite their high flexibility, assault rifle weapons are weapons that are suitable as. to be classified All-rounder. In extreme situations, AR weapons can be defeated by other types of weapons. To do this, you need to be good at handling assault rifle weapons. How to Use the PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle Weapon Well.

Let’s see how to use the PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle

Use the assault rifle for medium and large areas

The assault rifle is a very effective weapon that you can use in all areas of combat. But this weapon has two range capabilities, namely medium and long range weapons. Because the bullets from assault rifle weapons actually have damage which is pretty big Rate of fire this weapon is minor.

Rate of fire owned is lower than SMG, so the assault rifle weapon can be more easily controlled by you Recoil-being. With these skills, you can easily target your opponent from a long distance like DMR and use the full auto mode from medium distance.

Use the right type of ball For PUBG mobile assault rifle

Depending on the type of bullet you are using, the assault rifle weapon has 2 (two) effective ranges that you can use. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing bullets for assault rifle weapons. The types of projectiles you can use for assault rifles are 5.56mm and 7.62mm.

The 5.56mm bullet is a light bullet that automatically has a higher rate of fire and a longer range. Which will be suitable for attacking at medium to long distances. For 7.62mm bullets, it’s heavier, but has a much higher damage power.

Use 2 types of assault rifle weapons for great flexibility

Assault rifle PUBG Mobile

After finding out if the assault rifle weapon has 2 (two) kinds of effective range. You can combine 2 (two) types of weapons for greater flexibility while playing. You can set one weapon to use 5.56mm bullets and another to use 7.62mm bullets.

For example, you can combine M416 weapons with AKM weapons for flexibility in different areas. You can also use AUG weapons and Groza weapons. If you are lucky, you may be able to finish off your opponent.

Use attachments for assault rifle weapons

Assault rifle PUBG Mobile

If you’re using an assault rifle, so must you Attachments, because it is useful to your success in playing PUBG Mobile. Weapons like the assault rifle are heavily dependent on use Attachments to realize the maximum potential of this weapon.

Attachments that you can use e.g. B. Scope 4X for M416 weapons or M16A4 weapons and Quickdraw Extended Magazines for AKM weapons. You can combine scope with AKM weapons to attack your opponents from a medium range. However, it is not recommended to use it as the AKM gun’s bullets are a bit slow.

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This is an article about using the PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle Gun. Are Vexa friends interested in using these tips? Or have you used these tips before? Until next time.

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